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The genocidal Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe


(A note to readers: Because some are unable to rationally consider and discuss subject matters such as the objective study of history, immigration etc, without resorting to hysteria and name calling, the following foreword has been added: This article does not promote persecution or hate towards any ethnicity, peoples or race. The article is not anti any people including Semitic, Israeli or Jewish people, nor anyone else. This opinion article explores the history of a plan called the Kalergi plan – a forerunner to a current, equally insidious plan which is supported by the UN and EU called Replacement Migration.  Further, the article explores the people and internationalist financiers behind these plans and also the role these financiers played in establishing the modern state of Israel and Zionism as we know it. Finally the article tries to make sense and find the truth as to how all these different aspects as well as occultism, religious extremism, secret societies, globalist finance, globalist mass migration and displacement programmes, appear to be  working hand in hand in an attempted push for a despotic one world government/new world order.)

The hot potato of immigration – a perfectly reasonable debate for citizens of any country to have but one that many from all political persuasions are often unable to have without resorting to hysteria and polarisation.

Natural and sustainable immigration happens organically. Economic immigrants, whether legal or not, can’t be blamed or demonised for looking for a better quality of life. And genuine asylum seekers who escape war zones and civil wars created by any aggressor including western/Nato countries should expect our sympathy and help and be given refuge in the nearest safe country or countries as set out in international law.

But it isn’t that simple. Sadly there are political leaders and planners who seek to create and use mass immigration and the forced movement of people for their own nefarious purposes. Not many people have heard of the The Kalergi Pan European plan for Europe. In the 1920s, Free Mason Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book titled “Praktischer Idealismus,” (Practical Idealism) which set out his views on how he believed the abolition of the right of self-determination and the elimination of European nations should be accomplished with the formation of an European Union.


After publishing the book, Kalergi received help from Baron Louis de Rothschild who put him in touch with one of his friends, banker Max Warburg. Warburg then supported Kalergi with considerable funds to help form his European movement. The main problem lays with the fact that what Kalergi called for was not only the destruction of European nation states but also, it seems, the deliberate ethnocide of the indigenous, mostly Caucasian race of the European continent. This he proposed should be done through enforced mass migration to create an undifferentiated homogeneous mass of serfs to be dominated by a wealthy self electing elite.

Kalergi in his own words:

“The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

This, Kalergi stated, should be a plan run for and by the racial and spiritual supremacy of ‘blood aristocracy and Jewry’. These are all his crude racialist words, not mine. People should be free to mix and settle with a partner from whatever race or ethnicity they choose but what Kalergi and the Pan European plan specifically calls out for by the looks of it, is the deliberate use of enforced and disproportionate mass immigration, especially from non-European countries, in order to bring in a Pan European single state dictatorship and destroy the indigenous pink/white nationalities, and therefore resistance, of Europe.

Who's supposed to be the monarch again?

Who’s supposed to be the monarch again? Evelyn de Rothschild chats with Prince Charles

In order to get a better picture of where this kind of twisted thinking, as seen by Kalergi, comes from, those interested might want to look in more detail at at Babylonian mystery religion including its Kabbalaism. These occult, paganistic, Luciferian, anti Christian/anti God doctrines can also be seen manifested in the highest degrees of Free Masonry and other secret societies, and in the general globalist drive for an imperialist anti nation-state new world order.

Babylonian occultism has also creeped in to all the organised religions at the higher levels including Roman Catholicism, Talmudic Judaism, Islam, Protestant Christianity,  Buddhism, Hinduism and the New Age Movement. It is also to be found as a guiding principle in the upper echelons of the unelected United Nations.


Alongside globalist corporations and philanthropists, these followers of occult Kabbalaism and luciferian teachings seem to be especially preoccupied with firstly deliberately destroying the indigenous nations and Caucasian race of Europe through mass enforced and unfettered multiculturalism. They also seem preoccupied in destroying the traditional Christian heritage and moral values that have largely helped to build and maintain a flourishing and diverse, culturally rich European civilisation.

The illegal attacks led by a small crazed Anglo-American-Israeli elite seen in recent years on majority Muslim countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya has also conveniently led to the radicalisation of many of the men and women of those countries. A large proportion of whom are now intent on revenge through the bloody destruction of the west by war or invasion. It could be easily surmised that this has played beautifully in to the hands of those extreme European, globalist and political Zionist elements who themselves seem to want to see Europe destroyed as the Kalergi plan lays out. In other words, the radical Muslims have been played as much as we Europeans have. Divide and conquer, play both sides and all that. Perhaps it would be an idea for all divided enemies to start talking to each other and to look at who all the vested interests pulling all these strings might be and ask why are they doing it?


Zionism as established by the Rothschilds banking family

It could be said that Zionism is essentially Rothschild Zionism. The Rothschild family is a globalist banking family who are believed to have been and are currently in charge of most of the wealth and central banks of the world, and a great deal of its media. They are also alleged to be bankers to the equally rich and powerful Roman Catholic Church and its Jesuit order in the Vatican – another institution heavily infiltrated by occult Kabbalism and one also very seeminly keen on a globalist new world order of one government, one cashless currency and one religion.

Banking groups such as the Rothschilds are alleged to have been funding both sides of wars and other major world events and revolutions since at least the bloody French revolution, profiting from such events whatever the results.  It was to Lord Rothschild that Arthur James Balfour promised the whole of Palestine in his infamous Balfour declaration letter of November 2nd 1917, not to any nation or peoples.  This deal, it is alleged, was agreed by the British state in return for the Rothschild Zionists managing to bring the Americans in to World War One. The Zionists had to resort to making this desperate deal after Germany, although they were winning the war, offered armistice to Britain in 1916 with no requirement of reparations.

Historians claim that the Zionists involved were very anxious to make sure that there was no such early peace as they were expecting to make far more money from the war and were not yet ready for it to end – if true, an incomprehensible and criminal mindset that led to the further deaths of millions of young men and women from all over Britain, Europe and beyond. This crisis also presented a great opportunity for the Zionist movement to demand Israel as their own after many years of planning on the international stage, especially through the World Zionist Organization formed by Theodor Herzl in 1897.

And when it comes to religion, the majority of the people of modern day Israel who are moderately religious or followers of old testament (Torah) Judaism, Arab Christians,  Atheists, Agnostics, and moderate Muslims, are also as much victims of such dangerous elite supremacist doctrine as we in Europe seem to be. In fact it could be argued that, possibly more than anyone else, it’s Israelis and people of Jewish descent and religious conviction that are being used as chess pawns in this globalist agenda more than anyone – driven and used by people who have no interest in national sovereignty or cultural identities, and in fact wish to destroy those very values on their path to attempting global domination whilst using Israel and all other countries as pawns.

And many if not most orthodox followers of Talmudic Judasim don’t even realise that what they’re following or affiliating themselves with is extreme or pernicious in any way, with increasing numbers now becoming aware of the extremities of Talmudic/Rabbinical teachings. This is also true of elements of other religions as well of course. Many authors such as William Stuart describe the overlap and interlock between elements of the various religions and occultism in general, often hidden or laying within symbolism.

It is also well documented and highlighted by renowned historians such as Anthony C Sutton and others that it was the internationalist banking fraternity based out of Wall street and the City of London who, directly and indirectly, funded the murderous and genocidal Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917 as well as the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Germany regime in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Together with the first world war, these led to the deaths of hundreds of millions people.

It is alleged that The Rothschilds today own at least 80% of modern day Israel – the land that was ‘given’ to them as if by magic. The six sided hexagram star seen on the flag of Israel is not the star of David as we have been led to believe – it  is an occult satanic symbol going back to Babylonian times and adopted by the House of Rothschild in recent centuries.

In his book Two Rothschilds and the Land of Israel’ renowned historian Simon Schama also details the power and influence the Rothschilds wielded in establishing the modern state of Israel.

What seems to be plans for a greater Israel expansion in the middle east are seemingly at odds with the globalist plans for a new world order/one world government. But we know from the Hegelian dialectic that this may simply be two familliar opposing sides rubbing together in order to bring in another synthesis. Many suggest that this synthesis may be a third temple on Temple Mount in Jerusalem as the capital of the new world order under the deeply disturbing Noahide laws.

The rotting corporate owned mainstream media won’t investigate any such claims with an unbiased evidence based approach of course. Slurs of ‘anti Semitism’ are thrown at anyone trying to rationally and fairly criticise and debate issues to do with Zionist/supremacist related extremism. The ‘Friends of Israel’ lobbying groups in Europe and AIPAC and the Anti Defamation League in the USA and elsewhere are well versed in conducting trial by media witch hunts against anyone not reading from the script, shutting down free speech and essential public scrutiny and attempting to emotionally blackmail everyone in the process. Which is why most people have stopped listening to the mainstream media and its increasingly desperate attempts at criminal mass propaganda, deflection, spin and lies.

And as suggested by some modern genetic research and officially stated by the Israeli government (reported here in the Times Of Israel), a great deal of modern Israelis or those today calling themselves Jewish aren’t even Semitic anyhow – Semitic being a term for people who spoke or speak Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Assyrian, Maltese and various other sub groups of Afroasiaitic languages. Many modern Israelis or Jewish people are believed to be of Khazarian Turkic ancestry who converted from paganism to Talmudic Judaism in and around the 8th or ninth century AD, and mostly self identify as Ashkenazi Jews – Yiddish or English often being their chosen language rather than Hebrew for example. Not that it should particularly matter. But this is one example of how trigger words and terms are misused and manipulated by the mainstream media in order to push their own agenda and narrative, and at the same time shut down any criticism and healthy open debate.


It’s also very important to note that the cabal working behind the internationalist bankers have been at it for a very long time indeed. Numerous historians and writers state that this evil conspiracy goes back to the dawn of mankind. In his excellent book ‘Pawns in the Game‘, author William Carr describes how a small group of  ‘false priests and money lenders’ have been at it since before Biblical times trying to create a new world order and to gain full control over its inhabitants. He describes them interchangeably as Illuminati, Pharisees and of the Synagogue of Satan.

Carr also adds that blaming the Jewish and/or Semitic people as a whole, as some do, is silly as “the small group of extremist false priests” he mentions cared little for any one nation, people or race and, contrarily, “intended to use the hate engendered amongst the Jewish people as the result of persecution, to serve their vile purposes, and further their secret totalitarian ambitions.” – something World Zionist Organisation figurehead Theodor Herzl, in his own way, also propogated in his extremist ramblings to bizarrelly encourage ‘anti semitism’ in the 19th century and which others continue to do in the same vein in the present time.

Not to say that there aren’t a number of people who identify as Jewish or Israeli involved in this vile global conspiracy – of course there are, as there are people from many other backgrounds. But what we are dealing with is a minority of fanatical extremist elites that, based on their supremacist and occult beliefs, can simply be described as bad, dangerous and even satanic regardless of where they may or not be from. What unites all of them is that, at their highest levels, they are following occult Kabbalistic luciferian doctrine. In other words, this is a good old fashioned battle between good and evil.

And, as mentioned, what this affiliated globalist cabal ultimately seek is a one world state and full globalist control, with one government, one currency, one army and one world religion, and with a luciferian god masquerading as the true God.

Going back to the subject at hand, this mass enforced immigration plan is incitement to genocide as defined by the United Nations even though the UN themselves as well as the EU have been proponents of exactly this kind of mass movement of people in to Europe under the ominous title of ‘Replacement Migration’. Such an idea goes against all notions of equality and the celebration of diversity. Such a plan is a deliberate attack on the very notion of diversity – a “Mein Kampf” in reverse.

And as heard from Frans Timmerman, Vice-President of the European Commission and other high ranking crazed globalists, mass migration and displacement of people is being planned for all the world’s continents if they get their way, not just Europe. Ethnocidal based European union linked with other Orwellian world regions would likely be the first steps in creating an eventual world government, potentially under the UN or a similar unelected global body.


But surely Kalergi was just a lone racist quack with twisted genocidal fantasies? It appears not. Another reason why this is a serious concern stems from the fact that every year, in his honour, the European Union bestows the Coudenove-Kalergi prize to “Europeans who have excelled in promoting European integration.” This is done officially under the name of The Charlemagne Prize. Recent winners of the award have been such moral luminaries as Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy, Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger.

The Charlemagne Prize 2015 being awarded to President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz

The Charlemagne Prize 2015 being awarded to President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz

It might be an idea for our rarely heard of MEP’s to start asking EU Parliament supporters of the Charlemagne Prize why it is that they give such a prestigious prize every year in honour of such a racist supremacist genocidal maniac as Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi.

This is probably an unknown aspect of the history of the European Union to many. But there can be little doubt that this man, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, is seen as the spiritual founder of the European Union and that he is still being celebrated and revered today by the leadership of the European Union.


Whether Kalergi’s vision is being followed word for word or not perhaps is not the main issue. Mass and disproportionate movement of people in to Europe is happening whether we believe it or not. And most are economic migrants not refugees. Once those genuinely fleeing wars arrive at the nearest safe country and are given sanctuary as they should, they can claim refugee status. This is why aid from Britain and Europe is much better spent on helping those in need in these safe haven countries nearest to conflict zones such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. But if those claiming to be refugees then insist on moving on to other countries that they have their eye on then they become self chosen economic migrants.


It’s reported that more than a million recorded people reached Europe through irregular means in 2015 alone. According to Frans Timmerman again, Vice-President of the European Commission, it’s estimated that around 60% of those coming in to Europe from the Middle East and Africa are economic migrants using asylum-seeker status as a cover. Even this 60% figure seems to be a conservative estimate from looking at other various reports.

It’s long puzzled many how so many poverty stricken refugees escaping from war-torn countries can afford to pay the 10,000 or so Euros needed to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. Austrian intelligence officials have revealed that US government agencies are paying for the transport of a great deal of these migrants in to Europe. On August 5th, 2015 Austrian magazine Infodirekt reported:

“It has come to our knowledge that US organisations are paying for the boats taking thousands of refugees to Europe. US organisations have created a co-financing scheme which provides for a considerable portion of the transportation costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 Euro cash. Nobody is asking, where is the money coming from?”

French government officials and Turkish authorities are also reported to have been caught red handed selling life boats and equipment to refugees in Turkey. Billionaire George Soros, alleged funder of numerous revolutionary ‘springs’ and movements including the divisive race baiters Black Lives Matter in the USA, who also has a global network of non-governmental organisation (NGO) fronts operating under his Open Society Foundations, recently insisted that the European Union should spend a further 10 billion Euros to facilitate the movement of more than a million mainly ‘Muslim refugees’ into Europe every year from now on.


Brussels seems to be complying with the instructions of this self-appointed global Tsar. According to renowned Irish journalist Gearóid Ó Colmáin, the company that would mostly benefit from this increased EU spending is Equistone Partners Europe, an affiliate of the Rothschild-owned Barclays Bank.

Reports also allege that Soros and his cohorts’ geopolitical meddling have helped to create the sudden mass movements of people in general, allowing for the resulting integration of ISIS/ISIL members in to the mass of economic migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Europe. The end outcome being the potential chaos and clash of civilisations and religions that we have already seen glimpses of.

It’s a claim substantiated by numerous other sources reporting that thousands of covert trained fighters have been successfully smuggled in to Europe posing as migrants – the full amount being impossible to determine at this stage.

Former EU Commission President Herman Van Rompuy

Former EU Commission President Herman Van Rompuy

None of this should really be that much of a surprise considering that it’s by now being widely reported that it was the USA, Israel and their allies who created Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in the first place.  And it shouldn’t either be much of a surprise because, as mentioned, ‘Replacement Migration’ to deliberately bring in at least 56 million people from mostly Africa to Europe by 2050 is a very real and unhinged policy that has already been planned by both the UN and EU since at least the year 2000 – a policy carried out under the auspices of various inter connected globalist agencies and plans such as the International Organisation for Migration, Global Migration Group, The Africa-EU Partnership, World Bank and the cult of international sustainable development also known as Agenda 21/2030 Agenda.

UN Special Representative Peter Sutherland explains the criminal UN plan for Europe

UN Special Representative Peter Sutherland explains the criminal UN plan for Europe

And, as mentioned, the mainstream media who can only shout ‘conspiracy theorist’ at those who present documented evidence on such matters have become defunct bodies that the majority of people don’t listen to or trust anymore. It is a conspiracy though, that much is true. A horrific conspiracy against all of humanity, civilisation and all monotheistic religions. Our politicians and public figures have a moral duty to expose all of these issues and the EU deceit for what it is. In this they have failed us.


Immigration occurs in to all countries and every country on earth has an indisputable right to control immigration numbers in to their countries based on their own capabilities and needs. This is common sense. This debate really should be about numbers, not race, ethnicity or nationality. But immigration only works if the immigration numbers are sustainable, occur organically and are in keeping with the needs and capabilities of the host nation. That and ensuring that there is enough time and resources for new citizens to assimilate and become productive members of their new societies. That is when true multiculturalism can work.

When the numbers are disproportionate, unnaturally forced or out of control, there will inevitably be tensions and effects on jobs and wages, on public services and on society at large. Nobody wins. Racial incitement to hatred and extremism from across the whole political spectrum should be tackled whenever it occurs. But the racism of those political leaders that deliberately inflict disproportionate mass migration on any country without the agreement of that country and its people should be tackled equally.


Former president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz

As importantly, all matters to do with diversity in the form of race, culture, religion and nationality should be discussed, debated and understood rather than brushed under the carpet and treated as if they don’t exist.

But in Britain, Europe and the west generally, extreme politically correct indoctrination by the media and the education system has been so effective that many people self identifying as progressive liberals refuse to recognise the issues that mass unfettered and open border immigration can cause to any country if not tackled with a rational and balanced approach.

ClMKcVfWYAAnUgr.jpg large

Freedom of thought and freedom of speech are also under threat from general bigotry, especially liberal bigotry. And it seems that it’s only the western, traditionally Christian European countries that have no right whatsoever to speak out or to control immigration numbers in to and within their borders. And any in Europe that do raise rational objections are demonised and hounded down as racists, bigots and parochial isolationists. It is sadly largely true that ‘anti racist’ has started to become code for ‘anti white’ in Europe, in north America and elsewhere as well. The narrative being pushed is that it is only these mostly white European countries that can be racist, no one else. They have no right to a voice. They have to be silenced and demonised at any opportunity for speaking out against their own potential destruction.

The weapons of so called ‘white guilt’, ‘white privilege’ and ‘spoilt capitalist westerner’ tags have been selected from the divide and rule globalist tool box and are being used to silence any rational concerns that are expressed from within these European nations – the vast majority of which have no issues with sustainable immigration numbers and are welcoming, respectful and tolerant towards all races, religions, nationalities and ethnicities.


As previously alluded to, the narrative created and pushed in the mainstream media obsesses on, forces and fetishises the whole issue to be about race and skin colour, polarising and framing all arguments based on this predisposition.

And the snobbery, contempt, and derisiveness shown by the liberal elite towards British and European citizens of all races and creed who have a rational and legitimate concern about unlimited immigration, also shows how disconnected the political system is from the public and Realpolitik in general. The inverted racism and polarised views of this liberal  elite are perfectly demonstrated by the fact that they seem to believe that it’s only the pink/white citizens of Britain and Europe who have concerns about unlimited immigration in to their countries.


And there is another deeply flawed double standard in the argument for enforced unlimited immigration and multiculturalism. A great deal of the world’s non-European populations are mono cultural/mono racial. Why aren’t self proclaimed progressives insisting that these countries should be forced to accept open door immigration, to become more multicultural and more ethnically diverse? Why aren’t they demanding that China, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and African countries become unquestioning multi cultural and multi racial societies? Why is it that, at the present time, it’s only the indigenous European nations that should unequivocally accept enforced unlimited immigration and multiculturalism?

Many will protest to rightly defend Tibet and Palestine from displacement and colonisation because the liberal progressive media has told them that this is acceptable to do. But the same people won’t defend the same rights held by European nations. Here the inconsistency and hypocrisy of enforced immigration and multiculturalism is exposed.

But it’s exactly this kind of flawed logic that the western so called liberal progressive elite seem to revel in – the promotion of sovereignty in the west as being an inherently racist concept. This is nonsense. Racism is defined as persecution or demeaning of other races based on the idea of racial superiority. The obvious irony is that deliberate unfettered and enforced immigration in to any country in order to colonise, destabilise and destroy it is one of the most extreme racist doctrines that can be carried out and, as mentioned, is recognised as genocide by the UN.

The cruel trick played on the well meaning dupes in the west who support unlimited mass migration and open borders, is that they themselves are the unwitting victims of the worst kind of horrible and vexatious racist doctrine against them. In a glorious mess of ignorance and zombie like virtue signalling they will even gladly assist and protest on behalf of those elements that want to see them destroyed. That is how effective the cognitive dissonance and propaganda has become and it’s one example of how ultra progressiveness has become ultra regressive.

The immigration debate has been thoroughly polarised by the decaying faux liberal progressive mainstream media. The choice we’re told is to either be on the left and for unbridled open door immigration, or on the right and an ‘anti migrant’, xenophobic, white privileged swivel eyed isolationist supremacist evil patriarchal racist. The mainstream media is no friend of rational unpolarised  debate dealing with facts, logic, reason and truth.


But if the left / right terminology has to be used for the sake of explaining then so be it. To paraphrase a commentator on the Craig Murray blog; whilst economic issues have definitely lurched sharply rightwards in recent years,  social issues have moved sharply to the left. This is why there has been such an increase in identity politics – political correctness, third wave feminism etc, to the exclusion of what might be termed ‘old left’ concerns. And whilst these politically correct issues, also often referred to as cultural Marxism/critical theory, become ever more ubiquitous, issues of rising inequalities, globalisation and neo liberal economic thinking have been largely ignored.

And in this polarised supercharged politically correct climate, a person has to be either for open door immigration or totally anti any immigration whatsoever. There is no room for any middle ground based on rational controlled immigration according to skill, need and capacity – i.e a normal way for countries to operate. Those expressing these rational views are shouted down by those brainwashed and lost to politically correct and identity politics indoctrination.


Children are also being indoctrinated to become unthinking dutiful EU and global citizens parroting the same well oiled clichés under the globalist deception of sustainable development as seen and heard in the recent EU debate. They almost might as well be taught to chant “Tyranny is peace, patriotism is slavery” and be done with it.

The indoctrination of political correctness has been so pervasive that it has brainwashed many into dismissing their own countries as parochial annoyances that should be destroyed in favour of a globalist borderless new world order of regions – a horrible hybrid of Orwellianism and a Brave New World.

But how can an indoctrinated global citizen or ‘internationalist’ truly love the world and all its diversity of people if he or she can’t even acknowledge or respect the right of their own country to exist? It tends to be true that it’s people who have love or respect for their own country that are the people who make the best global citizens in its truest sense. Because these individuals can understand and respect true diversity, and know that the differences and idiosyncrasies of the differing nations on earth should be celebrated not treated with scorn and dismissal in favour of enforced globalist uniformity.

As German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder – an inspiration to the renowned Austrian and honory Welshman writer Leoplold Kohr of ‘small is beautiful’ fame, wrote:

“The deluged heart of the idle cosmopolite is a hut for no-one.”

But perhaps this is the really important crux of the matter: Sovereignty. Sovereignty, accountability and democracy. Speaking as a Welsh Briton who believes in the fundamental right of countries to be fully fledged sovereign states in the world, it should be obvious by now that the failed EU project is about eroding and destroying the sovereignty of nations rather than protecting them.

Cardiff's distinguished Civic Centre

Cardiff’s (Capital of Wales) distinguished Civic Centre

I’m proud of my country of Wales. I’m proud to be from a spirited country that isn’t afraid to fight for its right to exist in a world of diverse, beautifully different nations on earth.

My patriotism is not based on hate of any other country or people, narrow mindedness or isolationism. It’s based on love of my own country and on the rational concept of the fundamental right of nations to sovereignty on planet earth – a thought crime for the current self appointed liberal elite.

Those that genuinely love Europe and cherish its remarkable cultural richness and diversity know that those are the very qualities that the elites of the crumbling EU superstate want to weaken and eventually destroy if they get their way. And mass unfettered migration is only one way that they will attempt to do it. The people of Europe are realising that they have been cheated by the elites of their countries and have to start holding them to account and shining a light on all their lies.

(This is an adapted version of a previous article titled ‘Vote no to EU enslavement’: https://sovereignwales.com/2016/06/20/vote-no-to-eu-enslavement/ )

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Are the Welsh the lost ten tribes of Israel?

(This article was originally published on the Daily Wales news site where all the archived articles including this one can be found here)

For over 35 years, historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have been making the case for the real history of the Britons to be taught and studied, fighting against what they describe as a London establishment obsessed with stopping the true history of Britain from being divulged.

For those increasingly sceptical about how a version of the history of Wales, Britain, and much of the world has been pushed by London-centric establishment bodies and academia, it’s an area ripe for scrutiny.

Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson

Mr Wilson states that the known recorded history of Britain starts in and around 1500 -1350 BC, possibly earlier, with large scale migration into Europe and Britain from ancient Mesopotamia (corresponding to modern-day Iraq and Kuwait, north eastern Syria and parts of Turkey and Iran)  and a later mass migration from around 500BC of those descended from both the lost tribes of Israel and those descended from the besieged city of Troy  in what is now western Turkey. These are believed to have travelled to Britain via northern Italy and the European continent. To add to this, Welsh history such as that found in the chronicle of the early Britons ‘Brut y Bryttaniait’ (often referred to as ‘Tysilio Chronicles’) clearly states that Brutus of Troy and his vast army landed in Britain from around 1170 BC and became the first known King of the Britons, starting what is the true Royal Brythonic dynasty of Britain.

Wilson and Blackett are also renowned for their huge body of research on Brenin Arthur /King Arthur and state that two Arthurs existed: King Arthur I who died in 400 AD and King Arthur II who died in 579AD.

The Ten Tribes of Israel (which later included two other assimilated tribes from Judea) were known to the Assyrian Emperors as the Khumry – a name too close to our modern day Cymry/Cymru to be a fleeting coincidence.

It’s also claimed that the Khumry tribes brought Arch y Cyfamod – the Ark of the Covenant – with them after King Jehoash removed it from Jerusalem circa 790 BC and that the Ark has been in Wales since 500 BC. Y Greal Sanctaidd/ Holy Grail is said to include the Ten Commandments inscribed on the two stone tablets placed in the Ark by Moses.

The original lost Ten Tribes, up to two million strong, never got lost; they cultivated the European continent giving birth to European civilisation, using Prydain/Britain as their base and going on to inhabit North America, Canada, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand in large numbers in recent centuries.

Vernacularly known in modern history texts as Celts, the language connecting all these people is described as being the language of the Khumric tribes – the indigenous British language of Cymraeg/Welsh.

Being the the original language of all of Britain, the Welsh language of the Khumry is part of a heritage that belongs to all modern day UK state citizens, be they from Wales, England, Cornwall or Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland and the crown dependencies of the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey also have an obvious interest in this shared heritage as do most Europeans and a massive amount of modern day North Americans, Canadians, Australians, Argentinians and New Zealanders.

A version of the Coelbren alphabet according to Llawdden 1400 -1480

A version of the Coelbren alphabet according to Llawdden 1400 -1480

Alan Wilson, together with Baram Blackett, state that the timeless Khumric Coelbren alphabet can be found and read on inscripted Coelbren stones scattered all along the ancient ancestral migration trails between Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

The sarcophagus of Eshmunazar II with what is believed to be a Phoenician Coelbren alphabet Photo: Eric Chan

The sarcophagus of Eshmunazar II with what is believed to be a Phoenician Coelbren alphabet. Photo: Eric Chan

Wilson and Blackett’s work points out that the Coelbren stones follow the recorded path of the Khumric people that were led out of Egypt by Moses circa 1628 BC after the country was besieged by environmental and political disaster.

Most of the Khumry eventually reached Palestine during the age of the Hittite empire and were then eventually uprooted north to Armenia by the warmongering despotic Assyrians circa 740-702 BC.

Although hardly wilting flowers when it came to military confrontations – perhaps they were following prophecies or divination – the Khumry then eventually move west to the Dardanelles sea route in modern day north west Turkey by around 650 BC.

From around 500 BC onwards, half the Khumry migrated to Italy (northern Italy especially) as well as Switzerland, Austria and the rest of the European continent.

This would certainly go a long way in explaining the often mentioned similarities between the Welsh and Italians, in language, passion and music.

The other half sailed to the nearby Island of Lemnos and, along with a number of the Khumric speaking Trojans, then set sail for Britain where they joined the existing Khumric tribes.

A major Coelbren inscribed stone was found on the island of Lemnos in 1876 which describes the fleets gathering there to sail the Khumry people to the great green island out in the western Ocean of the Atlantic – Britain.

The Lemnos Stele

The Lemnos Stele. Photo: Dan Difffendale

The Lemnos Stele side view

The Lemnos Stele side view. Photo: Dan Difffendale

The Greeks called the Khumry the “Cimmeroi” and according to Mr Wilson, the Coelbren Alphabet is the alphabet described by Julius Caesar around 55 BC, also adding that Ammianus Marcellinus stated that the Greeks got their alphabet from the Khumric Welsh.

The term Cimmerians/Cimmeroi, Gimir and Gimmiri are thought to be interchangeable names for the Khumry, as the terms Galli/ Gauls /Keltoi and Celt later became names for them across Europe depending on who was doing the describing.

The Etruscan Pyrgi tablets

The Etruscan Pyrgi tablets

Wilson states that there are said to be some 14,000 Etruscan inscriptions in Italy and a handful in ancient Rhaetia (Switzerland).

Wilson goes on to describe how a 30 foot long shroud was found wrapped around a mummy in Egypt and how this shroud is plastered with the Coelbren alphabet.

He also states that the two ‘unreadable’ Copper Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran are Coelbren and inscribed in the Welsh (Khumric) language, adding that all pre 330 BC Hieroglyphic inscriptions in Egypt can be read using Khumric Welsh dating back to 2150 BC.

Astonishingly, no one had attempted to read the ‘indecipherable’ Etruscan, Rhaetian, Aegean, and Asia Minor Pelasgian inscriptions using the ancient Khumric Welsh language before Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett did so in 1984.

It is not yet known precisely where the Khumry came from prior to being in Egypt in 2150 BC – probably mostly from Canaan and the northern middle east – but perhaps also from the European continent and Britain itself.

Many may simply have moved to Egypt to trade or to share the unique knowledge, skills and wisdom that the Druids, especially, were known to have possessed – with some suggesting that it was Druidic knowledge that helped build the Egyptian pyramids themselves.

The Druids seemed to have been a particular threat to the later Roman empire as they had astonishing knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, history, medicine, oratory, morality and religion, much of which is said to be found in the infamous Beibl y Coelbren/ Kolbrin bible.

This was the secular Khumric/Celtic equivalent of a bible which Edward I may have tried to destroy by burning Glastonbury Abbey in 1184 AD.

The Druids also later became followers and believers of Christ and his teachings and in the one God/creator, but were not necessarily Christian in the biblical-doctrine religious sense.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, in his historical account ‘The History of the Kings of Britain‘ states that, although there were already Khymric kinsmen in Britain, (with preceding legends such as Hu Gadarn), Brutus of Troy could have been the first known King of Britain from around the late 11th or early 12th century BC.

He may have founded and built Caer Troia/Troia Newydd (New Troy) in what was later called Llundain/London – a thousand and more years before the Romans are claimed to have built it.

In the highly respected ‘A History of Wales’, John Davies also alludes to Brutus of Troy coming to Britain in around 1170 BC – also adding that the Welsh could well have been in Britain much earlier as well.

In his jam packed historical book ‘The Welsh, the biography’ another Welsh historian, Terry Breverton, states:

“A Celtic common language was used across Europe from 4000 BCE (Before current era), based upon the need for communication owing to increased trade. Celtic people were established from Turkey in the East to Spain, Portugal, Britain, and Ireland in the West”

Breverton believes that the Khumric Britons have been in Britain since at least the period after the last Ice Age – around eleven thousand years ago – and probably in the period before the Ice Age as well.

The many Welsh place names found on so many old sites such as Bryn Celli Ddu in Anglesey from 4000 BC seems to attest to this hypothesis.

Genetics may not always be a fashionable or politically correct subject but it is often a very handy reference point.

R1b1b2 haplotype by country

R1b1b2 haplotype by country

Breverton reminds his readers that the genetic haplogroup R1b is the most frequent occurring Y chromosome in Western Europe (Wales, the Basque country, Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, France, Galicia, Portugal, Spain, western and northern England, Catalonia and Italy especially) and especially the R1b1a2 (R-M269) branch for which he believes the point of origin to be western Asia/northern Middle East.

Distribution of Haplogroup_R1b_(Y-DNA)

Distribution of Haplogroup_R1b_(Y-DNA)

This would certainly tie in with the East-West hypothesis of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Breverton also states that genetic studies have shown that Tutankhamen of Egypt, his father and grandfather also belonged to the haplogroup R1b1a2 (R-M269) branch that more than 50% of all men in Europe and 70% of British men belong to.

Wilson and Blackett observe however that ‘Celts’ and ‘Celtic’ are terms that came out of Oxford and London in 1814 as a ruse to obscure all original British histories so that the idea of a Hanoverian German monarchy and English Anglo-Saxon empire could be conjured up and marketed to the world. They state that, technically, ‘Khumry’, ‘Khumric Welsh’ or Khumric Britons are historically more accurate descriptions.

So could it be that these Khumric Welsh tribes were, in various numbers, to be found in Britain and Europe as well as Palestine/Canaan and Egypt, with numbers of them simply moving around at various times by land and sea to trade, share knowledge and avoid various environmental and political calamities?

Was this a mostly Khymric speaking commonwealth of nations – an early European and Phoenician/Middle Eastern Union where free trade and the exchange of ideas flourished?

Right now there seem to be as many questions as answers.

And what of the American claim by the Welsh?

Coelbren stones and other credible testimony and evidence have also been found in North America, giving strength to the hypothesis that the ancient Welsh were in America long before Columbus.

The popular belief is that Madog ab Owain Gwynedd sailed to North America in 1170 AD. Wilson and Blackett, using DNA profiling and radiocarbon dating on artifacts and human remains found in the US Midwest and Wales, claim that it was a Madog Morfran ap Meurig that first sailed to the continent, even earlier, circa 562-575 AD.

This was the period soon after or during a massive comet that allegedly destroyed much of Britain, starting the period known as the Dark Ages.

Wilson states that an Admiral Gwenon was then sent out to check on Madog’s discoveries before Brenin Arthur ap Meurig (King Arthur II) led the third major fleet migration in 574.

Although it isn’t an idea put forward by Wilson and Blackett, perhaps it isn’t inconceivable that, as with the two claimed Arthurs, there may well have been two Madogs who sailed to North America at different times as well.

King Arthur’s fleet to North America has been suggested to be in the hundreds in ships and in the tens of thousands in men.

According to Wilson, Welsh shipbuilders were the best in the business and many ancient Khumric kings fought wars of movement that relied upon their being able to move large numbers of troops and vast quantities of supplies from place to place – a fact he says is often overlooked by many establishment figures who are quite happy for other tribal groups, the Angles, the Saxons, the Vikings and others to have sailed long distances in ships of great speed and manoeuvrability.

Madog and King Arthur’s vast armies are believed to have travelled up the intricate river systems of North America, raising structures and encountering friendly and unfriendly tribes of native Americans before finally settling down mostly around the Midwest or the the Great Plains.

There are some claims that they possibly worked with and influenced South American civilisations as well – not so much of a stretch of the imagination if considering the possible influence of the Druids on Egyptian civilisation and Pyramid building.

People would do well to avoid negative knee jerk reactions and keep an open mind in this area – history teaches us that truth is most often far stranger than fiction.

Wilson and Blackett have spent much time in the USA with American historians, collecting considerable evidence and visiting sites of interest.

Evidence of Welsh speaking native Americans is numerous and far more common than what we have perhaps been led to believe, with books and historical records suggesting that this hypothesis cannot now be disregarded.

King Arthur II, claims Wilson, was killed in a battle with Native American tribes in what is today known as Kentucky and his body sent home to Britain.

In 1824, Thomas S Hinde, of the prominent Hinde family, wrote to John S. Williams, editor of The American Pioneer, regarding the Madog tradition. In the letter (pages 373-376) Hinde claimed to have gathered testimony from numerous sources that stated that in 1799, six soldiers had been dug up near Jeffersonville, Indiana, on the Ohio river with breastplates that contained Welsh coat-of-arms. He also gives several references to Welsh and Welsh-speaking Indians. The present-day location of the breast plates are unknown.

Reuben T. Durrett’s book ‘Traditions of the Earliest Visits of Foreigners to North America’ published in 1908 has an incredible amount of references to the Welsh Indians.

As does ‘The Rev Morgan Jones and the Welsh Indians of Virginia‘ published in 1898, and ‘The biography of Francis Lewis and Rev Morgan Jones’ written by Lewis’ granddaughter Julia Delafield and published in 1877.

Y Brenin Arthur

Y Brenin Arthur

Numerous other credible sources can be found from across much of North America in support of the Welsh American heritage.

Although no comprehensive and thorough pan-Atlantic genetic research seems to have yet been done in this area, it is also interesting to note that many native American tribes in the Midwest and North East of the USA,and Canada especially, have a disproportionately high percentage of the R1b haplogroup (Y-DNA).

As mentioned, the R1b haplogroup Y-DNA (R-M269) is most commonly found in Western Britain and Western Europe, with the highest concentration to be found specifically in Wales at 92.3% as a percentage of total population.

John Evans of Waunfawr is an oft-cited example of an explorer who could not find Welsh speakers in the Mandan tribe. But the Mandan was only one tribe and Evans only explored a small area, mainly following the upper Missouri river.

He did not set out to find all the areas with well documented claims of Welsh speaking locals – in Virginia, north Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Florida to name but a few.

Furthermore, Evans was in the pay of the Spanish crown. If he would have reported evidence of Welsh speaking Indians it would give the Khumric Welsh (and British state at that time and as Welsh descendants Elizabeth the 1st and John Dee had previously claimed) a rightful claim on North America, making Christopher Columbus and the Spanish government’s claim utterly valueless, leaving Evans out of a job and probably in danger of his life.

Maybe he simply didn’t find any evidence on his particular travels and dared not try again in case he found what he may have suspected was true.

One thing is fairly sure – the Christopher Columbus discovery of America is now a defunct historical celebration due to numerous other earlier claims, not least the Madog claim – a claim that is now getting harder to ignore considering the various evidence and numerous Madog/Madoc place names scattered across North America.

Although there can be little doubt that they later became more problematic, the destructive comet and resulting Dark Ages angle suggests that the swift, genocidal Anglo-Saxon conquest of large areas of Britain theory perhaps needs to be re-evaluated as well.

Wilson states that most of Britain was devastated when debris from this comet caused a scatter of vast explosions and devastations equivalent to a rain of perhaps a hundred atomic bombs.

The illiterate German peasants, guided by the Roman church eager for them to colonise were thus able to move into depopulated areas, slowly recovering empty lands in east Britain especially, he claims.

Wilson and Blackett claim that Coelbren alphabet inscriptions also exist on many ancient stones in Britain, notably the stone of King Gorddwfyn. Dafydd ap Gwilym (died 1367 AD) mentions it, as do six other well known bards between AD 1420 to 1480.

The theory that Iolo Morgannwg (born 1747) randomly came up with the Coelbren in some opium den in Hampstead, unless he had a Dr Who Tardis time machine, therefore makes little sense and was presumably an early propaganda piece by an establishment desperate to try and manipulate the true history of Wales and Britain.

Although no historian can be right all of the time, Wilson and Blackett are unequivocal that their body of research is a provable, authentic and accurate ancient national British history.

Thousands of members of the public in Wales, England, Scotland and across the globe are fully aware of the conspiracy to cover up the truth, perpetuated by the BBC and others in academia and beyond.

Real Welsh British history can now thankfully be found being increasingly discussed, researched and debated online.

Contrary to what many (mostly elite English establishment historians) have tried to tell us, the Britons were a highly advanced, culturally developed, literate, metal-working civilization who had followed Christ and his teachings since 35-37 AD – not the illiterate barbarians that the establishment academics would have us believe.

Any notion of a shared or inclusive Brythonic heritage were forgotten however when the London establishment and Crown imported the German Hanoverian family of the elector of Hanover as their puppet Kings and Queens claims Wilson:

“From this point onwards everything historical had to be politically and religiously redesigned into a suitably acceptable form to promote the new Germanism in England in particular, and Britain as a whole.

“From this time onwards the centuries of assaults upon all ancient British history, heritage and culture, accelerated and increased. Everything British had to go.

“The numerous, strong, culturally advanced British nations had to be transformed into primitive tribes of uneducated barely civilized peasant barbarians and the German origins of the Anglo Saxons needed to be promoted and extolled.

“Periodic control of parts of Britain by the Romans were expanded to an imaginary period of 400 years of total domination and described as ‘Roman Britain’ with all the British dynasties suddenly eliminated.”

Wilson and Blackett are certain that, despite the sudden devastating effects of the crashed comet, there were no dark ages in Britain in the political way we have been led to believe. The major Khumric British Kings continued from at least 500 BC to1300 AD and the Khumric British line of kings persisted right through the greatly exaggerated alleged ‘Roman period’.

Commenting on the Dark ages narrative, Wilson writes:

“The near 80 successive Khumric Kings, who ruled from circa 500 BC to AD 1300, included King Arthur I (the first Arthur) son of Mascen Wledig of circa AD 345 -400, who did defeat the Romans as Soissons – Sassy and kill the Roman Emperor Gratian as Lyons-Lugdumum in 383 AD. The sixth generations later King Arthur II (the second Arthur) son of King Meurig, who was born in AD 503, died in 579

“What the Academics in London, Oxford, Cambridge, and elsewhere cannot get into their heads is the provable fact that the British line of Kings persisted right through the greatly exaggerated alleged ‘Roman period’ and that there never was any Roman Britain of the order they imagine, and imagine is the correct word.”

Wilson adds:

“Because it was not possible to murder the entire ancient British nation, the strategy has been to destroy, to eradicate, and to obliterate the vast and entire corpus of all ancient British history. At this present time this deliberate and evil campaign has been largely successful, and the demolition of the truth is gathering pace.

“These organizations have succeeded in transforming the correct image of our ancient British ancestors from being a very well recorded highly civilized, literate, advanced and developed culture that was comparable to anything that Greece, Rome, or Judea, had to offer, into a gross caricature of misrepresentation as a disparate spread of loose primitive near savage tribal peoples.

“The misrepresentation of our ancient British Ancestors is so grotesque as to be almost beyond imagination”

For over 30 years Wilson and Blackett say that they have made every effort and attempt to make the Welsh authorities aware they are sitting on a tourist industry that could offer thousands of jobs where work is much needed, but to no avail.

It is obvious they say, that the real history of Britain and the Britons is of huge potential embarrassment to the London regime, to the Church of England and to the Vatican in Rome.

The media, press and official establishment have tried to destroy them and their characters because they have “dared to question the phoney, fabricated, and forged and quite hilariously stupid set of yarns that have been invented since AD 1714 to masquerade as ancient British history, foisted by the London establishment as servants to the Crown corporation”

But where does all this talk of the lost tribes of Israel leave the people that currently call themselves Jewish? A report published in the Times of Israel in March 2014 declared that modern day Jews are in fact mostly Khazars who converted to the religion of Judaism in the period between the seventh and ninth century and ruled over Khazaria – a vast part of what became southern Russia and Ukraine, before moving in their droves to what we know today as modern Israel and becoming the ancestors of what are often now known as the Ashkenazi Jews.

The report by Israeli researcher Eran Elhaik states that Khazar ancestry is the single largest element in the Ashkenazi Jewish gene pool.

A team of esteemed scholars from leading research institutions and museums also issued a report to the Israeli government acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars – research which the Israeli government have accepted prompting many Israelis to suggest creating a new second homeland in the present day Ukraine which would have been part of the original Khazaria empire.

According to Alan Wilson, this figure of present day Ashkenazi Jews in Israel not being ethnically or originally Jewish/Israelite is put at around 95% of the population, while up to 5% of the present day population are thought to be remnants of the original ethnic Israelites.

This would certainly make sense if we consider that most of the original tribes of Israel would have left this area of the middle east many centuries before if following the Lost Ten Tribes hypothesis.

The ‘anti Semitic’ label often given to anyone who merely discusses or debates the situation and history of Israel/Palestine has also become rather defunct considering that the Semitic label refers to people who are from and speak a family of languages native to the Middle East and Western Asia which includes ancient Phoenician as well as the later Hebrew and Arabic languages .

British Israelite movements seen in the last few centuries seem to continue to attempt to sell an Anglo-Israeli version of history that conflates ‘British’ with ‘English’, failing to grasp that British in its true sense means Khumric/Welsh Britons with a shared common language of Cymraeg/Welsh – a language steeped in the history of Britain, Europe and it seems, Egypt, Palestine and the Middle East. Professor John Morris Jones wrote a thesis in 1898 that demonstrated how the complex Khumric syntax and that of ancient Egypt were identical, with the same seven vowels – AEIOUWY – used in ancient Egypt and Cymraeg.

Wilson asks:

“So why has this centuries long Anti-British conspiracy aimed at the total destruction of the history, the heritage, and the culture of the native British people which is the inalienable property of all of us who are British by descent and/or birth, been carried on?

“What are the Church of Rome and the London Establishment of its Monarchy and Church so afraid of that they determinedly conspire to destroy the rightful inheritance of the British Nation?”

He and other historians such as Michael A Clark believe that one of the main reasons for the conspiracy is that, following the collapse of a religious-political movement in Jerusalem in AD 35, the group known as The Holy Family, led by a certain Joseph of Arimeathea (later known as St Ilid), packed up, left Jerusalem and sailed to Britain knowing that their ancient kinsmen, the Khumry, who would have been in Britain for at least 500 years prior, would give them refuge and protect them.

A young man going by the name of Iesu Grist/Jesus Christ is also claimed to have visited Britain in his youth, and is also buried in Britain according to Wilson.

The disproportionate number of place names in Wales that have Israelite origins also tends to lend a certain weight to the history of the Khumry and the twelve lost tribes hypothesis in a biblical/Israelite context: Bethesda, Hebron, Hermon, Bethel etc.
According to Wilson:

“The First Christian Church was established in Khumric Wales in AD 35 -‘the last year of Tiberius and this was attested to by Cardinal Baronius, the learned Vatican Librarian, as a direct result of his researches around 1535. This original Apostolic Christianity was taken to Rome from Britain in AD 51 when the Apostolic Christian family of King Caradog travelled to the Italian capital where Caradog’s son Linus became the first bishop of Rome.

“Caradog’s daughter, Princess Eurgain married Rufus Pudens who appears in Biblical records – he also left a memorial stone at the Palace of the traitor King Cogidubnus. The evidence is considerable.”

Wilson comments that this very definitely contradicts the claims of the Church of Rome that Peter and Paul founded the Western Church in Rome, both of whom incidentally arrived in Rome at separate times much later.

So there is an immediate problem with Roman Catholicism and the original Apostolic Christian Church according Wilson and Blackett’s work. These major problems increase when the detail of the original British Apostolic Christianity stemming directly from the Holy Family, its founder and his followers in Britain, is compared with that of Rome.

In other words, The Khumric Welsh took Christianity to Rome, not the other way round.

If this is correct it turns all known European history on its head, spins it sideways and kicks it into oblivion. No wonder the London establishment and media act so peculiarly when it comes to Wales and the Welsh language, bizarrely undermining a crucial part of their own Brythonic heritage in the process.

If Christianity was taken to Rome from Wales by the Khumric Welsh, this, as mentioned, virtually demolishes the pretensions of the Church of Rome.

This version of British history – and the suggested ancient lineage of the Welsh Khumry being the original lost tribes of Israel – is obviously damaging to the pretensions of the puppet English Monarchy and is further potentially problematic to aspects of modern Israeli political power ambitions.

Maybe affectionate descriptions of the Welsh language being the ‘language of heaven’ are also a further vexation to those wishing to claim and exercise absolute religious and monarchical authority.

As Wilson states:

“It is time to tell the truth. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We are dealing with the biggest pack of political and religious lies in the history of the world.”

Meanwhile the Cymric people have somehow managed to retain their timeless language, values and sense of place and purpose whilst still reaching out and connecting themselves to the whole world.

Perhaps the people of Wales, past and present, have always known that they have been fighting dark political and spiritual powers.

So could the Welsh Britons be the Khumric lost Ten Tribes of Israel?

Yes they could is the simple answer. More debate and discussion of the various evidence and possibilities is certainly needed.

But generations of a collective national memory still exist and, when added to the increasing amount of credible evidence, the suspicion must be that this is a distinct if not very likely possibility. History, as always, is in the making.

Wilson and Blackett have written more than 11 books on British Welsh history which can be brought from most online platforms. There are also countless videos and DVDs of their work available online, most of them free to watch. Or for further information and prices contact one of their main retailers here or contact: richard@richplanet.net

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