Declaration / Datganiad

     MAWRTH y 1af 2012 / MARCH the 1st 2012


The year is 2012. The world is in a state of surreality. Logic, reason and truth have being turned upside down, fiction turned into fact and fact into fiction. Over the past decade we have seen countless illegal attacks and invasions of sovereign countries based on lies and misinformation, all done in our name whilst  mainstream media is impotent and unwilling to report truth and fact, dangering all humanity in the process.

In Britain the farcical Westminster charade of party politics is being played out like a faded play, with politicians pandering to corporate agendas well beyond any democratic mandate given to them by the electorate. Left to their devices they will carry on with the collective corruption of attacking and supporting the collapse of sovereign countries, seemingly intent on provoking and instigating a potentially catastrophic world war. At the same time, while billions upon billions of our money is spent on these illegal attacks and devoured by government debt to central banks, we are told to prepare for possible perpetual austerity and urged to keep propping up a fundamentally flawed financial system with increased taxes in all areas. None of this is normal. It is abnormal. It breaks all moral and international laws of legitimate governance and is dangerous not only for Wales but for the whole island of Britain and potentially the whole world and all its people.

In the course of human events, it sometimes becomes necessary and natural for a nation to dissolve the political control that has bound it with another and to establish its own sovereignty. It is time for Welsh sovereignty.  If there was ever a time this is that time. Wales has to draw a line in the sand and take full responsibility for itself, for the sake of the future well being of all its citizens now and in the future. Wales, its military men and women and all its citizens should not be dragged in to continual wars based on lies and misinformation, peddled by governments from outside our borders. Wales does not need to give away its natural resources, land and taxes whilst having no control over those very same things or our economy, immigration or foreign policy. The lives and futures of the people of Wales or any country should not be endangered by any corrupt, morally bankrupt government or politician, whoever and wherever they may be. It does not have to be this way.

For the good of all and with a justified sense of urgency, we also urge all citizens to contact and petition their elected officials to stand up for what is right and impeach any government and politician that continue to endanger all our lives and futures by committing to more illegal wars and an undemocratic financial agenda. We also urge all our public servants; our judges, magistrates, police officers, priests, civil servants, nurses, firemen, teachers, journalists and the mainstream media to stand up for what is right and to challenge and expose all illegalities and wrongdoing being done in our name. No one wants to, has to or deserves to live in a climate of constant fear and threat. We have every right to live in hope and in the pursuit of happiness, liberty and sovereignty, as people and as nations.

Although we support devolution and the improved accountability it has brought to Wales within its limited powers, we believe that full Sovereignty under a written constitution is the only real, just, sustainable and accountable way for any country to exist in the world. It is ultimately pointless for Welsh politicians and the Welsh population to keep looking to Westminster to blame or to solve its major ills – we the people of Wales hold the key to our future security and wellbeing. When push comes to shove no one will have Wales’ back unless we have it ourselves. The people and politicians of Wales must put aside political party partisanship in the short term for the sake of all our future security and prosperity, and in order to avoid future conflicts and crises. Only we can do it and demand it.

We hereby put our faith in the people of Wales to take charge of their own country and destination by petitioning their elected representatives to instate full self government under Welsh Sovereignty and its written constitution, to not accept control and authority of a government or any other  proclaimed authority from outside of our borders, and to call for  the Westminster Government to honour its signed commitment to the UN Charter XI Article 73 and 74 ‘Declaration regarding Non Self Governing Territories’, so that all the people of Wales and their descendants can go on to form and shape their Wales of the future through democratic representative ways decided upon by the citizens of Wales and no one else.

We call for an Executive Government and Judiciary. We call for a Welsh Treasury as part of a Welsh Government and state. We call on the current devolved Welsh Parliament and Government to be superseded, succeeded and replaced by a real independent Welsh Parliament and Government operating within a fully Sovereign State of Wales. All of these should be answerable to the people of Wales via their elected representatives in a Welsh Senedd / Parliament within a fully Sovereign Welsh State. These are the natural, legal, inalienable and human rights of the citizens of Wales to determine their own relations with other nations and for Wales to determine its political, economical and cultural life in accordance with its own needs and aspirations.

We call on a Welsh Judicial Law and courts system to be re established in Wales under a Sovereign State of Wales which will mean an end to the antiquated legal entity of ‘England and Wales’.  A Welsh judiciary is already needed at the time of writing to deal and implement the legislation increasingly being passed in the devolved Welsh Senedd. We reinstate that Wales never entered into a political union with England; the laws in Wales acts of 1536 –1543 were a judicial annexation and incorporation only and not a political union chosen via any democratic or representative means.

We call for the full and proper implementation of UN Charter XI Article 73 and 74 ‘Declaration regarding Non Self Governing Territories’ which the United Kingdom has signed and that clearly requires that the United Kingdom state commit to achieving  full self government to all dependant territories within its own state lines, to fully assist them in the progressive development of their free political institutions and to commit to ensuring that the full political, economical, social and cultural rights and freedoms of these territories be implemented until such time as sovereignty has been accomplished.

We call for a transferrable economic agreement whereby the full financial budget of Wales is gradually transferred from the United Kingdom / English treasury to the Welsh treasury. A slow transfer of economic reigns will allow Wales time to invest in infrastructure/renewable energy projects, and build up pension and social security funds so that it will be ready for complete economic freedom as is required and signed for  by the United Kingdom under the above mentioned United Nations Charter, Chapter XI article 73/74 ‘Declaration regarding Non Self Governing Territories’. This will ultimately save the London treasury around 10 billion pounds a year. We believe that Wales should not be a burden on the taxpayers of England or any other country and that we should ultimately be responsible for all our own financial affairs

We call for a National Bank of Wales and a banking system that will always be accountable to the Welsh Government rather than the government being accountable to the banking system, and for any money to be given, not lent, to the Welsh Government by the Bank of Wales – to be totally non-repayable, debt and interest free. We call for all pensions, current and saving accounts belonging to and earned by the people of Wales to be guaranteed by law and totally separated from any gambling financial sectors. We also call for a Sovereign Wales to establish its own Welsh pound, pegged on parity to the Sterling pound or any other secure currency, and for another currency such as sterling to be allowed too if necessary.

Wales once led the world in a carbon-based economy. We call for Wales to now lead the world in a modern green economy. Wales also has one of the highest and most favourable tidal ranges in the world, which means we have an immense tidal power resource on our doorstep. Wales could produce more than twice the electricity generation it needs from renewable energy alone ; this is drastically increased if the already existing non renewable energy produced in Wales is also taken into account; Wales is already more than self sufficient in non renewable electricity generation such as gas and coal, producing 20% more than we need. Wales also has over 250 million tonnes of known extractable coal left and has 13 trillion cubic feet of coal bed methane gas in South Wales alone; all worth tens upon tens of billions of pounds and enough to provide Wales with more than enough energy for over a hundred years. Gas, hydrogen and petroleum can also be produced from coal and Wales can pioneer in clean coal technology which removes Carbon and Sulphur dioxide emissions.

All of this energy created and available in Wales is currently lost to the United Kingdom grid and sold back to us. We call on a Sovereign Welsh State through its Government to immediately start developing large scale renewable energy projects with the construction of responsibly placed tidal lagoons along the Welsh coast in significant numbers, together with offshore wave and wind farms, tidal stream/tidal flow turbines and localised hydroelectric schemes in inland waters and estuaries. We also call on the immediate adoption of clean coal technology for all our coal powered stations and for the full extraction and control of our natural gas and oil. This will all provide thousands of sustainable jobs for the Welsh workforce and ensure that Wales is not only energy self-sufficient but also stands to become an economically viable and prosperous country through the regulation and selling of its excess energy to other countries.

We call on a Sovereign Welsh State to establish and regulate an exclusive Welsh National Power Grid that links and unifies the currently unconnected electricity lines in north Wales with the ones in mid and south Wales, so that all of Wales’
electricity and energy generation is connected and the excess energy that Wales already produces can be sold to countries outside of Wales and Wales therefore properly profits from its vast renewable energy resources.

We call on a Welsh Government to also establish and regulate its drinking water resources and reservoirs as well as all its other resources and energy such as wood biomass and methane, and to make sure that if companies outside of Wales do harvest or are licensed to harvest some of Wales’s natural resources they are tightly governed and charged a substantially high rate of a special Welsh energy corporation tax. This will all mean that Wales as a nation profits fully from its own resources. It’s our country, our energy, our future.

We call on Wales to be economically and nationally strengthened by the reopening and nationalisation of its main rail lines and routes that properly and efficiently join north, mid and south, east and west, and to build new lines where needed. We also call for all other institutions and services that serve the citizens of Wales to be built and based in Wales including all Welsh jails, youth detention and remand centres and all army veteran or rehabilitation centres for the ex servicemen and women of Wales. All other institutions, foundations and societies whose prime concern is to represent the interests of the Welsh nation and all its citizens should be rooted in Wales and answerable to the Welsh nation and Government.

Wales has a long and proud military history and we want this to continue. We call for all Welsh Armed Forces, Welsh Navy, Welsh Air Force and Security Services for Wales to be under the full control of a Sovereign democratic Welsh Government and state, for all Welsh army bases to be based in Wales either at existing bases and/or at new ones if need be. We advocate a modern flexible army and navy for the purpose of the full defence of Wales and its people as well as for deployable European and international peacekeeping commitments when and if needed. We call for the Welsh Navy to be the patrollers and protectors of our seas and waters including managing the coastguard and lifeboat services of Wales, and for ship building yards and ports to be reopened and modernised in Wales to service and build our own Navy and commercial fleets. In the case of the mutual protection and military defence of Britain as a whole we advocate a treaty of alliance between the armed forces of England/Northern Ireland, Scotland and surrounding islands around Britain. We would also advocate signing defence treaties in the context of Europe and the world only if they are legal and moral.

We believe Sovereignty for Wales will offer an opportunity for greater cooperation and understanding between all the countries and people of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland , the Republic of Ireland and all surrounding islands of Britain, as an equal association of partners who would, when needed, meet as equal governments and nations in the name of friendship and mutual respect. We will move to build and establish an even better and more productive relationship with these countries and all other countries of the world and we will fully support England/Northern Ireland/ Scotland and all surrounding islands and governing areas of Britain in having proper, fair, moral and accountable government,  devolved or otherwise if they so choose.

All persons are created equal. No one person is or should be the subject of another nor should one set of people be deemed superior to another. Sovereignty belongs to the people of Wales and to all people and not to any government based in another country or to anyone else or any other thing. Anything that suggests otherwise or which undermines these basic rights undermines the fundamental legal and human rights of any people to live as free individuals who are free to exercise all their individual and civic rights within their own country. The people of Wales shall run their own country by putting their good faith and trust into their democratically elected representatives who are the servants of the people and not the other way round.

We again state that the right to self determination is an inherent right and not a favour to be granted to us by anyone else or any other thing. We believe that it isn’t right or sustainable for Wales to be dependent on the whims of a UK Government and Crown that can seize and stop our devolved Government and devolved powers at any time they choose. We believe our politicians and citizens have a duty to fight for what’s best for Wales now and in the future, and believe the politicians of Wales should only be answerable to the people of a Wales that elects them and to no one else. Wales deserves politicians that will fight tooth and nail for what’s best for a sovereign Wales all the time and in all areas – not some of the time and in some areas.

We believe Wales has long surpassed the stage of calling for full sovereignty based solely on political, historical or ideological differences; we believe Wales should now recognise that its reasons and call for sovereignty are as urgent as they are many and varied: energy and water safeguarding, projected environmental change, reckless global financial agendas, illogical and unreasonable increases in local, national and international taxes, immigration and foreign policy, and our need to defend  our unique social and cultural values being obvious examples.

We call on all Welsh men and women and their descendants who have left Wales to return, to contribute and take part in its present and its future and we call for the support and recognition of our sovereign rights from all the worlds citizens and nations. Only through good leadership, foresight and sensitive long term planning can we make sure that Wales is ready to deal with the predicted global economical, environmental and political instabilities whilst also effectively controlling and regulating our rich natural resources, our economy, immigration and taxes, which will allow us a harmonious and well assimilated society within our economic capabilities and resources. Without full Sovereignty Wales will literally be drained of its powers and energy and become bankrupt and forever dependant on an indifferent nanny state.

Wales has incredible beauty and variety, immense natural and renewable resources and energy, a history of free and independent thought, strong social as well as individual values, incredible cultural riches, and a tolerant society that produces people that contribute hugely to the world and to civilisation; we are immensely lucky to find all these values in one place and we can not and will not take them for granted. These are values and strengths worth protecting and fighting for. If any country in the world needs and deserves to be a modern sovereign country, that country is Wales. The question isn’t why should Wales become a sovereign country, the question is why shouldn’t it.

We vow to fight for the power to acquire and restrict the use of property, lands, seas and natural resources controlled by governments from beyond Wales’ borders. We vow to fight for the power to protect our soil, air, seas and rivers for
our children and for the generations to come. We vow to rightfully claim our lands, airspace and territorial waters as defined by International law and the 1982 United Nations Convention on the law of the sea which rightfully and lawfully
protects our future renewable and non renewable energies and resources within the designated territorial waters and borders of Wales. We vow to fight to control and determine our own immigration policy and all other policies for Wales. We will fight for the right to fully govern ourselves for the benefit of all those living in Wales today, tomorrow and in future times.

We hereby declare Welsh Sovereignty and ask all people to take part in the movement for its official implementation. Whatever your creed, race or colour we ask everyone to embrace a real and positive future as free citizens of an ambitious potent nation with everything to offer humanity and the world. We will continue this movement for as long as it takes.

We hereby declare sovereignty and await for its full official implementation.

Cymru am byth
We are sovereign

Cymru Sofren
Sovereign Wales.