Croeso / Welcome

To visit the website of the political party Cymru Sovereign please visit / I ymweld a safle we swyddogol y parti gwleidyddol Cymru Sovereign plis ewch i:


In an increasingly illogical and unstable world the time has come for full Welsh sovereignty. There are no more excuses left for Wales.  We the citizens of Wales have every right to fully protect and determine the security and well being of our future and the future of our childrens children. It is time for us to do what is right and what is just. When push comes to shove no one will have Wales’ back covered unless we have it covered ourselves.

Wales deserves politicians that will fight tooth and nail for what’s best for Wales all the time and in all areas – not some of the time and in some areas.We urge all members of the current Welsh Senedd and Government to realise the inherent and considerable dangers facing a Wales that is dependent on an increasingly unhinged Westminster Government; its failed economic planning and its immoral foreign policies, and call upon our Welsh representatives to therefore work towards the normal and natural Sovereign way in which any country should be run. It is time.

Mae’r amser i greu esgusodion ag i feio eraill wedi pasio. Dim ond Cymru a’i phobol all ddiogelu a gwarchod dyfodol Cymru, a dyfodol plant ein plant. Dim ond dinasyddion Cymru sydd a’r hawl i hawlio be sydd yn perchen i’r wlad a’i phobol, a dim ond dinasyddion Cymru sydd a’r hawl i benderfynnu sut yr ydym eisiau byw ein bywydau a llywio ein dyfodol ein hunain.

We are Sovereign. Cymru am byth.

Movement for a Sovereign State of Wales / Mudiad Gwladwriaeth Sofren Cymru