Welsh army regiments should stay in Wales

The proposed abolishment of the Welsh cavalry regiment is a Westminster soft option which the people of Wales or Welsh Government has no say over, even though Welsh soldiers sign up to put their lives on the line. Harold Ponfield, a 93 year old dragoons guard veteran who will help to present a petition to no 10 Downing street said “If Queens dragoons guards (The Welsh Cavalry) are scrapped, Welshmen will be denied the choice of serving alongside compatriots in an armoured regiment when the English and Scots will still have that opportunity.”

The Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron has indicated that he does not want to see any of the Infantry or Cavalry regiments in Scotland removed but the Welsh equivelants apparently do not deserve the same protection. If the Welsh Cavalry is abolished,unlike Scotland which has two,there will no longer be a Welsh armoured regiment left – many jobs will be lost and yet more families will suffer from the decisions made by the out of touch London government.

This is another example of the impotence Wales will continue to face unless we see the practical sense and protection sovereignity would bring to Wales. Under Welsh sovereignity the Welsh Armed Forces would keep and enhance its present regiments, including fully mobile, motorised and mechanized regiments, with the armed forces in general being similar in size and function to the forces of New Zealand, Sweden, Slovenia or Ireland. This would not only keep valuable employment and skills training in Wales but would make sure the proud military tradition of Wales is protected.

To sign the petetion to save The Welsh cavalry as it is  please go to;   http://www.savethewelshcavalry.com/