Deiseb Banc Cenedlaethol i Gymru / Petition for a National bank of Wales and complementary Welsh currency.

arian cymru llun

Below is the link and full text of the a petition calling for a national Bank of Wales together with a complementary Welsh currency pegged at parity to sterling, similar to the C3 complementary currency in Uruguay and issued to interested SME’s, the self employed, industry, farmers and traders. The bank would need to be equally accountable to the people of Wales and the Welsh government so as to safeguard and protect the money of all Welsh citizens, and similar in purpose and function to The Bank of North Dakota in the United States.

The National bank would need to operate within a new transparent Welsh banking code, have no share holders, and have Glass-Steagall type  separated and capped banking sections, with deposit and pension accounts guaranteed to equivalent value, or commodities of equal worth stored to back them up. There would be opportunities for a future separated speculative banking section and a small capped mortgage and insurance section could be offered and expanded as and when the bank grows, with a ‘own what you pay for’ mortgage service being offered, and this share given back to the owners if and when the bank needs to sell the property (in the case of the house buyers insolvency for example) To sign petition please go to;

More details can also be found at: ,

Geiriad llawn/full text:

Banc Cenedlaethol ac arian cyflenwol i Gymru.

Rydym yn galw ar Gynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru i annog Llywodraeth Cymru i helpu i sefydlu Banc Cenedlaethol Cymru a fyddai’n ceisio gweithredu yn ôl cod ymddygiad bancio newydd, modern, cyfrifol, cynaliadwy a thryloyw yng Nghymru.

Rydym hefyd yn galw am sefydlu arian cyflenwol ar gyfer Cymru gan y banc: sy’n debyg i arian cyflenwol C3 yn Wrwgwái, a’r WIR yn Swisdir, a’i roi i fusnesau bach a chanolig, pobl hunan-gyflogedig, diwydiant, ffermwyr a masnachwyr sydd â diddordeb.Rydym yn credu, yn arbennig yn wyneb y camreoli economaidd byd-eang a welwyd dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf, bod angen i Lywodraeth Cymru ddangos atebolrwydd ac arweinyddiaeth economaidd drwy annog a hyrwyddo arian sy’n rhydd o ddyled i’r cyhoedd, gyda’r wlad yn creu arian, a thrwy hyrwyddo arloesedd ariannol a bancio cynaliadwy, fel yr hyrwyddwyd gan sefydliadau fel Positive Money.

Rydym o’r farn y byddai Banc Cymru yn cynnig cyfle perffaith i Gymru ddangos arloesedd ac arweinyddiaeth economaidd o’r fath yn y byd. Gallai Pwyllgor Ariannol annibynnol a thryloyw yng Nghymru, a fyddai’n cynnwys cymysgedd o arbenigwyr nad oes ganddynt gysylltiad â gwleidyddiaeth, a phanel o arsylwyr, weithredu fel corff cynghori rhwng y banc a llywodraeth Cymru ynghylch pob mater perthnasol


A National Bank of Wales and complementary Welsh currency.

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to help establish a National Bank of Wales / Banc Cenedlaethol Cymru that would seek to operate within a new modern, responsible, sustainable and transparent Welsh banking code of conduct. We also call for a complementary Welsh currency to be established by the bank: similar to the C3 complementary currency in Uruguay and the Swiss WIR, and issued to interested SME’s, the self employed, industry, farmers and traders.

We believe that, in the face of the global economic mismanagement seen in recent years especially, the Welsh Government needs to show economic accountability and leadership by encouraging and promoting debt free money in the public and state creation of money and by promoting currency innovation and sustainable banking as promoted by movements such as Positive Money. We believe that a Bank of Wales would be a perfect opportunity for Wales to demonstrate economic innovation and leadership in the world.

An independent transparent Welsh Monetary Committee containing a mixture of non politically affiliated experts and a citizen observer panel could act as an advisory body between the bank and the Welsh government on all relevant matters.