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Ukraine – why we should all give a damn


It’s as if the fabricated evidence on Iraq’s WMD’s and 45 minute saga never happened, as if the invasion of Afghanistan for a perpetual but failed hunt to find CIA asset and bogeyman Bin Laden is just a distant dream, as if the destruction of Libya and murder of 30,00 civilians by NATO bombing was just a blip.

As if the desperate attempt to missile strike Syria to bits based on falsified evidence of chemical attacks on civilians by the Syrian authorities was just an oversight. Then there is the most recent ISIS/ISIL – the revamped and slightly more fashionably dressed Al Qaeda keeping the fear up, allegedly funded and trained by rich western allies in the Middle East and the CIA.

A scarcely known fact not reported in the mainstream media is that the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorist” webpage on “Usama bin Laden” does not list the 9/11 attacks as one of the crimes for which he is wanted. In 2006, Rex Tomb, when the then FBI’s chief of investigative publicity, was asked why not. He replied: “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” But lets not let such a trifling detail stop the invasion of a country and the deaths of thousands of its civilians.

None of these countries or their leaders and governments were angels in any way – they were and are complicit in wrongdoings themselves. But it’s as if a pair of curtains has been pulled over the memories of vast swathes of the population making them forget all the major illegal wars of the last 15 years especially. A curtain that renders many unable to think for themselves in a clear rational way and with objectivity and perspective. If doing the same stupid thing over and over is a definition of insanity then collectively we are all involved in insanity.

Now the same forces, together with trial by globalist corporate media are desperately trying to do the same thing in the Ukraine – Russia being the focus for baiting on this occasion. And the proxy army this time is the illegally installed Kiev junta vaselined into place by elements within the US Anglo American empire.

A number of commentators have insisted that this has nothing to with us here in Wales, that we have no need to go there, it is of no concern to us. This is obviously nonsense, and for very good reasons. If it were tensions between factions in Mongolia, Uruguay or Iceland this could perhaps be an understandable point of view, although still being newsworthy in general. But there are two very good and simple reasons why this specific conflict has a lot to do with us:

1. As we have seen over the last 15 years especially, our mainstream media is bought and paid for by transnational corporate interest and simply cannot be trusted anymore. As many people and countries should speak out and try to make sure balanced and non bias reporting should be given of events in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Getting to the truth the only goal regardless of individual views or politics. Because if we don’t follow this line, who will speak out when they come for us?

2. These are major nuclear powers involved here. These aren’t minor powers arguing over minor issues in which a few shots might be fired and a few street skirmishes might break out– these are major powers with enough nuclear weapons to blow us all into pizza toppings in a matter of minutes. Therefore this is also fundamentally about basic self and national preservation as much as principles, morality and the quest for truth.

Or to simplify: There’s some very bad and crazy people trying to start a potential world war and if that happens we could all die very quickly and horribly.

Sadly, just as in 2002-2003, when anyone who doubted the certainty about Iraq’s WMD was a “Saddam apologist”, anyone who dares point out the real known facts regarding this crisis in the Ukraine is immediately shouted down as a “Putin apologist!” This is cognitive dissonance in full effect and it does a lot of the work of the globalist media for them. It’s a tried and tested drill: we are given the bogeyman baddie by corporate media and press, then the good guys come along, bomb everything, take the riches, defend democracy by installing puppet governments who enslave the country to IMF debt, and all is sorted. Next.

But the world is not always black and white and in war, truth is usually the first casualty. This overwhelming urge of many observers to insist on hysterically polarising the argument into a childlike choice between either being pro Russia or the west, left v right debate is both tragic and stupefying – the only victims being the truth and innocent civilians in all parts of the Ukraine.

This inability of many to comprehend what is happening should maybe not be that surprising considering the powerful controlled mass media propaganda that we are saturated with. If anything it demonstrates how effective this mass media has been in its self serving propaganda. This is a Zionist controlled media that is by now anything but western in its values – a corporate globalist media that has very little interest in the sovereignty of nations unless it can serve a purpose for their global corporate hegemony.

Alleged funder of numerous 'springs' George Sorros

Alleged funder of numerous ‘springs’, billionaire George Sorros

The honourable and just western values of democracy and freedom that our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought and died for are not being protected and enhanced – the opposite is true. Western values are being eroded and utterly destroyed – used as a mask to hide the blatant immorality and criminality that we are seeing by our governments, carefully aided by mass media management and manipulation.

As is usually found, it is corporate and oligarchical powers that benefit from the misfortune and deaths of others – most of the national leaders involved having long sold out the interests of their countries to powers that even they themselves are unlikely to understand.

Thankfully the communist regime of the Soviet Union came to an end in 1991. This was the regime and ‘revolution’ started by the murderous Bolsheviks of 1917 that led to the deaths of tens of millions of people. It’s not something that you will find in school books but it was mostly Wall Street and their City of London cohorts that funded this murderous rampage in order to destabilise the original Russian Empire and bring about the disastrous communist union – an union which corporations could take easier advantage of and manipulate. It seems they are trying it once more.

Hillary Clinton

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Are Russia and Putin the good guys? Of course not, that isn’t the point. The new non communist Russian Federation is still suffering from corruption and oligarchies vying for power. But the Russian government seems to have two things going for in the current global crisis: a patriotic loyalty to their country and its people being one and being a thorn in the side of corporate Zionist globalists being another – globalists that want a strong patriotic Russia out of the way so that they and their NATO military arm can continue with their attempts at Dr Strangeloveesque global domination.

There is inevitably pro Russian media propaganda and dark arts going on as well of course. But rather than choose sides and get duped in this hackneyed dialectic again, what about not choosing any side and simply look at what actual evidence is or isn’t available before making a verdict? A bit like a court of law. A bit like what the media should be doing but isn’t.

John McCain

John McCain

Charges of aggression and crime against Russia are proclaimed daily with a worrying lack of substance to them thus far. But it seems that no evidence is needed to provide a pretext for why “Russia must be stopped” or to make sure the US-led West Ukraine regime is armed with US weapons to “teach Putin a lesson”. But, even with all the satellite and remote surveillance technology that the US, EU and NATO possesses, so far there still seems to be no hard evidence that Putin engineered these events leading to so much unrest – only an assumption aided by corporate mass media with the usual double speak and subtle ‘suggestive’ nudging language as perfected by the London BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Times, The Sun and others.


Russia is generally reacting as you would perhaps expect. But the evidence strongly suggests that they are reacting not instigating. Whethere he is believed or not, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated clearly after the recent Minsk talks that Russia is a guarantor of the peace deal, not a party obliged to fulfil its implementation. He reiterated that Moscow is not a participant in the conflict, as Western media have, and continue, to assert. The Kremlin spokesman stated:

“Russia is the country that was called by the parties of the conflict, this is the country that called on the parties of the conflict to sign a complex of measures to fulfil the Minsk agreements. But Russia is not one of the parties to fulfil these measures. This is the country that is acting as the guarantor, that comes forward with a call, but, obviously, it’s not a party that needs to take any actions for [the fulfilment]. We simply can’t do this physically because Russia is not a participant in the conflict”

On the other hand it is known and on record that the US has provided support to the Ukraine and that the US and UK are now very keen on the idea of providing arms and equipment. Late last year, Obama signed a bill authorising lethal aid to Kiev. The Kremlin claim that the west is already supplying arms to Kiev as well as financial support. But this double standard is somehow supposed to be acceptable and needn’t be mentioned.

If the US, EU and UK does supply arms to Ukraine en masse, Russia have stated that they will be forced to see this as an act of war against them and will probably genuinely take action in the Ukraine – in the process playing beautifully in to the hands of the crazed warmongers who want to get a war going. It all sounds crazy doesn’t it. It is. But if Russia really was to  invade Ukraine we would surely know about it – Ukraine would be subdued in a matter of days. It would seem very silly for Russia to send in a few trucks on a half hearted mission and risk the wrath of the mass media for nothing.

The realisation must be that this US backed regime change that has occurred in Ukraine and that brought the Kiev junta to power is there as part of the long term Anglo American US EU objective of either destabilising or destroying Russia to gain a stronger foothold in the area. In that sense it seems that peace in the Ukraine is not what Kiev really wants or is expected to aim for.

And as always, double standards and hypocrisy are rife, with the real Anglo American instigators of war projecting onto their enemy what they themselves are guilty of. As stated by these Dutch professors in an August 2014 letter:

“We are powerless onlookers as we witness how the double standards of western powers and their allies, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else.”

Whatever your own views, the fact is that the previous Kiev Government was undemocratically  overthrown last year, with the CIA and their associates both purported to be deeply involved, supported by EU and NATO stooges. A Zionist billionaire oligarch, Petro Poroshenko, was swiftly and unconstitutionally installed as President and billions of dollars and covert expertise flown into Ukraine from the west as testified by Victoria Newland of “fuck the EU” fame. As Nuland testifies, at least five billion dollars has been spent on the political destabilisation of Ukraine in recent years including to the covert special forces, and the direct financing and orchestration of the overtly fascist coup leaders. This is of no interest to corporate media it would seem.

The man Poroshensko replaced, Viktor Yanukovych, was no angel either it may be assumed, and was also closely tied with Putin and Russian interests but, as far as we can tell, he was at least democratically elected and his position a constitutional one.

Corporate interests have also quickly and inevitably moved in – the Ukraine signed a $10 billion shale gas production-sharing agreement with U.S. company Chevron and, elsewhere, Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, has expanded its Board of Directors by bringing on Mr. R Hunter Biden as a new director, son to a certain American Vice President Joe Biden.

Whether the people of the remaining Ukraine vote to join the EU is their business but the EU’s central bankers and the IMF / International Monetary Fund have already been licking their lips, with the IMF offering a $17 billion loan to the country which would inevitably get the Ukraine enslaved in a never ending and spiralling debt trap.

The deal could also see GMO crops grown in some of the most fertile lands on the continent under the GMO giant Monsanto. With Yatsenyuk, the Americans’ preferred stooge in place as Prime Minister, the ex central banker is expected to be very receptive to IMF deals and offers for loans.

Soldiers conscripted by the present illegal Kiev regime were ordered eastwards in order to quell what the Kiev government and corporate media might call terrorist uprisings and what others might call legal new republics established by referenda.

However you might want to call it, the Kiev led military are being accused of mass shelling of residential areas of the newly formed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk/Lugansk, resulting in the alleged deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. According to German intelligence some 50,000 people have died in total, with others putting this figure at 5000. This shocking video shows the horrific results of shelling and civil war in eastern Ukraine. (viewers discretion advised – do not watch if you don’t want to see people blown up, dead and dying)

mother and child killed in allegeed Donetsk shelling

Mother and child killed in alleged Donetsk shelling

As fans of Welsh history know, the city of Donetsk was founded in 1869 by a Welsh businessman, John Hughes, who constructed a steel plant and several coal mines in the region – the town resultingly being named Hughesovka or Yuzovka (Юзовка) in recognition of Hughes’ role in its founding.

There can be little doubt that there are some unofficial Russian civilian volunteers fighting with the militia of the newly formed mostly Russian speaking republics and confederation of Donetsk and Luhansk/Lugansk (sister city to Cardiff) – that is surely inevitable under the circumstances.

In the hastily arranged Crimean referendum, 95% are claimed to have voted to join the Russian federation on a 70-80% turnout – a referendum which was witnessed by 135 international observers  from 23 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Poland. Among them were members of the EU and national European parliaments, international law experts and human rights activists. Many of these representatives spoke to the press and dispelled any notion that voting was done under coercion or ‘under gunpoint’. Perhaps the result is as credible as any general election in Britain or the USA.

Up to 15,000 Russian soldiers were also already stationed in Crimea and its naval ports as part of a legal and constitutional deal with the Kiev government going back many years. There are recorded US/CIA and western operatives within the ranks of Ukrainian Kiev led army. These are presumably not there legally or voluntarily.

Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic and Vladimir Kononov, defence minister of the DNR speak about the the war and what and whom Kiev is fighting.

Again, thus far, the other two new republics have not stated that they want to join the Russian federation but rather wish to remain independent republics. That could of course change if the US and NATO ups the ante. And if Russia demands or forces that these new republics are reimmersed into the Russian federation against their will, then resulting condemnation of Russia will be justified.

A broken up and divided Ukraine might just suit the US and NATO better – giving them an opportunity to pitch different parts against each other whilst they take the spoils and tighten their grip on the Russian borders, getting their well earned order out of chaos in the process.

As mentioned, the claimed Russian terrorising of Ukraine seems, so far, to have been based on no evidence and has proven to be highly dubious and appears fabricated. The original sniper attacks in Kiev’s Maidan square are now also suspected to be linked to the protesters and elements of the Kiev regime as explained by an article by Robert Parry on the Information Clearing House site

“But the growing evidence indicates that the initial sniper fire originated from locations controlled by the Right Sektor, extremists associated with the Maidan’s neo-Nazi “self-defense” commandant Andriy Parubiy. Though the current Ukrainian government has dragged its feet on an investigation, independent field reports, including a new one from BBC, indicate that the snipers were associated with the protesters, not the Yanukovych government as was widely reported in the U.S. media a year ago”

If Russia and Putin really are behind all of these numerous incidents and political maneuverings including manipulating all US and EU representatives and their actions, then they are incredible Machievllian geniuses of the highest order.

NATO expansion

NATO expansion

Although the media has been quick to insist that ‘pro Russian rebels’ have been shelling indiscriminately, neither PR agency man David Cameron nor any other western leader have said anything about the shelling of innocent civilians in eastern Ukraine by Kiev forces – not a smick. Isn’t that exactly what they should be highligting regardless of any misplaced loyalties? In the interest of delivering peace to these areas, shouldn’t they be speaking out whomever is is the wrong? Or would just that make them rabid “Putin apologists”?

Only now is corporate media starting to allude to the shelling by Kiev forces but they cover their tracks by bizarrely blaming the actions of the Kiev forces on ‘Russian aggression’ (in that earnest BBC reporter voice way). Next time I throw large heavy stones at a high street full of people I will try to remember that it’s London aggression that’s to blame.

Perhaps all the leaders and governments from all sides involved in these crises are as bad as each other and deserve none of our consideration and time. But as always, it’s the innocent civilians of countries who suffer. The victims in all of this are all the people in the Ukraine – they, like Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans and Syrians are being used, as have many millions of other people, in a chessboard game that most can’t probably begin to comprehend a la Zbigniew Brzezinski and his grubby geo political grand chess board – a grand chessboard game that is being conducted by a criminal elite that have managed to entrench themselves within western governments and states. The everyday people of Wales, Britain, Europe the USA and elsewhere will also obviously suffer under such crazed and reckless leaderships.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski

European countries should also be very weary of what they’re getting themselves into economically as well as militarily, with the real threat of revived Nazism in the Ukraine together with sanctions put in place by the US. The EU could potentially lose over 1 trillion Euros from Russian sanctions, with Germany alone potentially losing at least 200 billion Euros. Other smaller European countries could be hit by losses higher than their GDP.

Like it or not, by being involved or by not speaking out, our so called leaders are complicit in all of this and they are doing it in our name. If you tolerate this your children really will be next, if not you before them. This is also why we need to speak out.

It’s astounding if people cannot see the pattern that has emerged particularly since the 9/11 induced war on terror.

The destruction of sovereign nations is the ultimate goal of these corporate globalists. Sovereignity and patriotism means nothing to them. These values are merely old fashioned obstacles for them to overcome as they perpetually jump from one war and crisis to another.

If they can’t do it through military means they will try to do it through other means – the imminent signing of the fascistic TTIP / Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership trade deal between the US and the EU being an obvious example of that. And if this plan fails in the Ukraine, it will likely re emerge  somewhere else, unless more truth and more light is shed on what is happening.

Slowly perhaps the citizens of the west and elsewhere are waking up and seeing the lies and machinations of our Governments and media. Neither can or should be trusted anymore – they have lost all credibility and have peddled too much misinformation and deceit. More importantly, they are threatening all our futures.

When Wales becomes an official sovereign state with a well trained and sane Welsh defence force using existing Welsh regiments and army bases, we will of course be able to choose to hold our own international policy based on our own values of natural rights, justice and a patriotism that is based on mutual respect and cooperation, not hate.

An international conference in the magnificent setting of the Celtic Manor could be a conference for international understanding and constructive debate rather than a conference based on psychopathic murderous global hegemony, fear and hate. That day might come sooner rather later.

Celtic Manor

Celtic Manor

What can you do? Look for the truth and communicate it whilst the internet is still fairly censor free. Don’t forget traditional printing on paper – as effective as ever.

If you’re not particularly fussed with holding a placard and shouting slogans, contact your MP and AM and order them to insist on looking at what is really going on in the Ukraine, with NATO and with the Westminster government in general. Insist that any more unjust illegal military strikes or support will not be tolerated and that they as our representatives will be held accountable for their actions and for their lack of actions.

Our grandfathers and grandmothers had to write letters and walk for miles to do what we sometimes can’t be bothered to do in a few seconds online. Here is how to get hold of your MP and AM with a few clicks on your computer:




Telephone their offices, email them, go to their surgeries and talk to their staff – it is your fundamental right as a constituent to inform your MP or AM of your views and what you believe they should do. They have a duty to you their constituent. Regardless of the oath they all take to a certain monarch, you are ultimately their employer. Our politicians have failed us but we have to let them know that they fundamentally work for us the people. Now is a time for people to speak.

Information Clearing House

Global Research

The Tap News wire

21st Century Wire




Deiseb Na i Wylfa b – No to a Nuclear Wylfa b petition


A Welsh clean coal and/or renewable energy power station instead of the proposed Wylfa b nuclear plant at Ynys Mon.

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to work with the new owners of Wylfa B, Hitachi, to encourage the use of clean Welsh coal or our other plentiful supplies of viable technologies/resources instead of a dangerous nuclear power plant. It’s also proposed that the Welsh Government strongly urges the new owners to source workers from Anglesey and North Wales on a local priority basis where possible.

In a report on clean coal technology from the 2010 XXI World Energy Congress in Montreal Canada, Hitachi state that they are “developing a full portfolio of new clean coal technologies aimed at further efficiency improvement, 90% CO2 reduction, and near-zero emissions of other pollutants”. As world leaders in clean coal technology, why don’t Hitachi work alongside the Welsh Government to implement this technology at Wylfa B instead of an archaic and poisonous nuclear plant station like the failed Fukushima plants they helped to build?

Nuclear plants are a dangerous and uneconomical method of producing electricity, with a short, unviable operational time span which costs tax payers tens of billions in development, subsidies and decommissioning costs. As well as being vulnerable to attack and natural disasters as seen in Fukushima, nuclear power has known health risks. A major report published by the German government showed increased rates of childhood cancers and leukaemia around nuclear sites. With no known method of disposing of the nuclear waste, it will also contaminate the planet for thousands of years.

Welsh clean coal, gas, mass refuse incineration, anaerobic digestion, biomass, hydrogen, geo thermal, solar, wave, tidal, hydro and Maglev wind, or a combination of all of these should be implemented at Anglesey and elsewhere instead of nuclear power. Ynys Mon’s PAWB manifesto states that, whilst the current Wylfa only has up to 600 workers, up to 3650 new jobs could be found using local renewable energy alone.


Rydym yn galw ar Gynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru i annog Llywodraeth Cymru i gydweithio â Hitachi, sef perchennog newydd safle Wylfa B, er mwyn hyrwyddo’r defnydd o lo glân o Gymru neu o’n cyflenwadau helaeth o dechnolegau/adnoddau hyfyw yn lle adeiladu gorsaf niwclear beryglus.

Mewn adroddiad ar dechnoleg glo glân a ddeilliodd o Gyngres Ynni’r Byd XXI, a gynhaliwyd ym Montreal, Canada, yn 2010, dywedodd cwmni Hitachi ei fod yn datblygu portffolio llawn o dechnolegau glo glân, gyda’r nod o wella effeithlonrwydd ymhellach, lleihau allyriadau CO2 90 y cant, a lleihau allyriadau o lygryddion eraill i lefel sy’n agos at sero. Fel arweinydd byd-eang ym maes technoleg glo glân, pam nad yw Hitachi’n cydweithio â Llywodraeth Cymru i roi’r dechnoleg hon ar waith ar safle Wylfa B, yn hytrach nag adeiladu gorsaf niwclear sy’n hynaflyd ac yn wenwynig, ac sydd hefyd yn debyg i’r gorsafoedd a adeiladwyd yn rhannol gan Hitachi yn Fukushima?

Mae defnyddio gorsafoedd niwclear yn ddull peryglus ac aneconomaidd o gynhyrchu trydan. Oes fer sydd ganddynt, sy’n eu gwneud yn anymarferol, ac maent yn costio degau o filiynau o bunnoedd i drethdalwyr mewn costau datblygu, cymorthdaliadau a chostau datgomisiynu. Yn ogystal â bod yn agored i risg o ran ymosodiadau a thrychinebau naturiol, fel y gwelwyd yn Fukushima, mae ynni niwclear yn peri risgiau iechyd cydnabyddedig. Mae adroddiad pwysig gan Lywodraeth yr Almaen yn dangos bod cyfraddau uwch o ganser a lewcemia ymhlith plant yng nghyffiniau safleoedd niwclear. Gan nad oes yna ddull cydnabyddedig o gael gwared ar wastraff niwclear, bydd y gwastraff hwn yn llygru’r blaned am filoedd o flynyddoedd.

Gellid rhoi’r dulliau a ganlyn o gynhyrchu ynni, neu unrhyw gyfuniad ohonynt, ar waith ar Ynys Môn ac ar safleoedd eraill, yn hytrach na chynhyrchu ynni niwclear: glo glân o Gymru, nwy, hydrogen, ynni solar, ynni’r tonnau, ynni’r llanw, ynni’r dŵr, pŵer gwynt Maglev, ynni geothermol, llosgi sbwriel, treulio anerobig a biomas. Yn ôl maniffesto PAWB ar gyfer Ynys Môn, dim ond tua 600 o bobl sy’n gweithio yn Wylfa ar hyn o bryd, ond byddai’n bosibl creu hyd at 3,650 o swyddi newydd drwy ddatblygu prosiectau ynni adnewyddadwy lleol yn unig.


Sign here/Arwyddwch fama:


Lincs eraill perthnasol/Other relevant links:


Maniffesto pawb wylfa b

The USA and Switzerland – Constitutional Republic templates for Wales originally drafted and inspired by Welshmen

Despite Wales’ relatively small size as a country, constitutionit seems to have had a particular influence on the creation and history of the USA. The Welsh have played a disproportionately big part in American life. Many of the Welsh men and women who emigrated to America had emigrated there from Wales to seek a new life away from the economic and cultural oppression that was being carried out by the central London government on the nations of Britain – a problem which particularly seemed to target the Celtic countries of Wales, Scotland and Ireland although the poor of England did not escape unharmed either.

Almost 50% of the Signatories of American Independence and constitution were Welsh, 20% of the pilgrim fathers were Welsh as was the captain of the Mayflower itself. There have been at least 9 American presidents of Welsh descent including three of arguably the most iconic and influential; Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln.

Thomas Jefferson read, spoke, and wrote Welsh as can be seen by his correspondence with his principal aid and fellow Welsh American icon Merriwether Lewis who corresponded with Jefferson in Welsh in all his dispatches whilst trailing and founding the Northwest Passage across America together with fellow Celt William Clark (a precedent for the use of American Indian code talkers in WWII – the ‘code’ the Japanese were unable to break)

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson also became good friends with fellow Welsh American president John Adams and was also the principle author of the revolutionary declaration of American independence (proposed by Adams with the guidance of Welsh philosopher and political progressive Richard Price in London) and author of what is probably the most famous sentence in the English language, that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” This sentence and sentiment alone has inspired the struggle for independence and the fight for the rights of marginalized people against tyranny throughout the world and throughout modern history.

Jefferson Davis is famously the only Confederate president. Abraham Lincoln is perhaps the most famous and most iconic of all American presidents. Lincoln was very proud of his Welsh heritage as illustrated by the imported Welsh tablet stone he made sure was built in to the Washington monument and donated by the Welsh citizens of New York which reads; “Fy iaith, fy ngwlad, fy nghenedl Cymru – Cymru am byth” (My language, my land, my nation of Wales – Wales forever)

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

The man who financed the American revolution against central English rule was Welshman Robert Morris who was also one of the signers of the declaration of independence and also wrote the final draft of the Constitution of the United States. As the Welsh American civil rights attorney and veterans activist Rees Lloyd notes; “The Welsh, like their Celtic cousins, the Irish and Scots, have gifted their sons and daughters as fighters for freedom in many lands – including in particular to America, in which the Welsh were disproportionately represented in the Revolutionary Army”

Pennsylvania (originally called New Wales) and Rhode island were also founded by Welshmen. Pennsylvania is regarded as the cradle of the new American nation. This is where the American declaration of Independence from the English monarchy colonial rule was written and declared by the founding fathers in 1774, where the Articles of Confederation were written, and later the Constitution of the United States of America itself – all conceived, written and drafted by Welsh Americans – an astounding feat and legacy for the Welsh in the new world.

Robert Morris - foremost financier of the American Revolution

Robert Morris – foremost financier of the American Revolution

John  Marshall 1755-1835, Chief Justice of the United States and father of American constitutional law was also a Welsh American. It was also Welshmen who established America’s main Universities and colleges: Yale, Princeton, Brown, William and Mary, Virginia, John Hopkins, Andover and Bryn Mawr being prime examples. Samuel Adams, one of the signers of the declaration of independence, co founder of Harvard university and one of the original instigators and propagandists against the English redcoats after their failed Boston attempt at appeasement was also of Welsh extraction.

The Welsh society of Philadelphia is the oldest ethnic organisation of its kind in America. The following inscription can today be found on a plaque mounted on the east façade of the imposing Philadelphia City Hall;

“Perpetuating the Welsh heritage, and commemorating the vision and virtue of the following Welsh patriots in the founding of the City, Commonwealth, and Nation: William Penn, 1644-1718, proclaimed freedom of religion and planned New Wales later named Pennsylvania. Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, third President of the United States, composed the Declaration of Independence. Robert Morris, 1734-1806, foremost financier of the American Revolutionand signer of the Declaration of Independence. Governor Morris, 1752-1816, wrote the final draft of the Constitution of the United States. John Marshall, 1755-1835, Chief Justice of the United States and father of American constitutional law”

Tywysog Madog /Prince Madog

Tywysog Madog /Prince Madog

Going back even further, Madoc or Madog ab Owain Gwynedd was, according to folklore, a Welsh prince who sailed to America in 1170, over three hundred years before Christopher Columbus’s voyage in 1492. The story remained popular in later centuries and it was later asserted that Madog’s voyagers had intermarried with local Native Americans and that their Welsh-speaking descendants still lived somewhere on the American frontier.These “Welsh Indians” were accredited with the construction of a number of man-made landmarks throughout the American Midwest and a number of white travellers were inspired to go and look for them.

There is even strong evidence to suggest America itself is called after a Welshman Richard ap Meryk, Anglicised to Richard Amerike (or Ameryk) (c. 1445–1503) who was the principal owner of John Cabot’s ship during his voyage of exploration to North America in 1497. It has been speculated that “America” is derived from his name, owing to his sponsorship of the voyages to Newfoundland, rather than from Amerigo Vespucci, the explorer and mapmaker.

The original colonisation of North America was originally most certainly largely down to the greed and imperialism of the Anglo imperialist empire but America’s declaration and war of independence was most certainly a revolutionary Celtic anti Anglo imperialist affair. America as we know it is a country that finally beat the English redcoats and the Anglo imperialist blunderbuss.

The USA could brazenly perhaps be described as one of the most successful Welsh colonies, especially so when considering the disproportionate Welsh influence on America in comparison to Wales’  size and population. Today, as dramatic as it sounds, modern American constitutionalists are potentially the last line of defence against an even worse form of global imperialist tyranny.

ar-01sThe Welsh emigrated in varying numbers, with hundreds of thousands especially emigrating to Pennsylvania, which, as mentioned, William Penn had originally called New Wales, and which developed in to a large Welsh colony called Cambria.

Union leader John Lewis

Union leader John Lewis

Ohio also became popular with the Welsh. Early Welsh emigrants were largely a mixture of miners, farmers, expert metallurgists, dairy producers and slate quarrymen – later waves also being experienced industrialists and engineers from the booming industrial revolution happening in Wales, with many going on to become mine managers, trade union leaders, executives, community leaders and yes – politicians.

The miners and industrialists brought organizational skills, exemplified in the United Mine Workers labour union and its most famous leader John L. Lewis who was born in a Welsh settlement in Iowa.

There was also a large concentration of Welsh people in the Appalachian section of Southeast Ohio, such as Jackson County which was nicknamed “Little Wales”. Welsh culture and language thrived in these areas due to Welsh language publishing houses being established and the inherent nature of close knit working class Welsh communities in general. The Welsh language was unsurprisingly commonly spoken there for generations until the 1950s when its use began to subside, but otherwise still survives due to the myriad of Welsh American societies in America today.

In present day Ohio, significant concentrations of Welsh descendants are found in many communities such as Oak Hill (13.6%), Madison (12.7%), Franklin (10.5%), and Jackson (10.0)

Tafia_Logo1Other areas that the Welsh populated were Knoxville Tennessee and neighbouring Sevier County where they formed rolling mills and the Knoxville iron works. Other popular areas for Welsh emigrants were Indiana, Minnesota, Kansas, Maryland, Oneida county, Vermont, Utica and New York, whilst further west, more Welsh miners, shepherds, gold prospectors and shop merchants arrived in California: especially the Sierra Nevada, Sacramento valley and Amador county.Oregon, the pacific northwest and rocky mountain states were also popular destinations.

Strongly Republican, the Welsh gradually assimilated into the larger society but without totally abandoning their own ethnic cultural ways and values, many of which can today be seen in the culture as well as in the constitution itself – a magnificent testament to Wales and its people.

But the Welsh cannot be let off the hook in terms of the native American persecution. There is no proof that the Welsh settler communities supported or took part in this deliberate slaughter and persecution and it can be fairly safely assumed that the Welsh cultural, social and religious values would have been against any such deliberate campaign of persecution, and in favour of co habitation like they had proven was possible with the native American Tehuelche tribe of Patagonia in South America.

But by the very nature of being there, the Welsh were new settlers and new colonialists in a new land even if they were themselves escaping cultural and economic oppression by the London Government on their homeland of Wales. There can be no wistful cop out – the Welsh, whether by association or otherwise have to be considered as complicit as anyone in this regard. Maybe this issue can be reconciled in time by constitutionally acknowledging the native Americans and reinstating their values and natural rights within a new tyranny free United States republic.

Walter Williams

Walter E Williams

Today there are over 11 million people in the USA with Welsh surnames. It is also very notable that there are a disproportionably large number of African Americans with Welsh surnames. This was largely brought about by freed slaves taking on local Welsh Methodist / Baptist preachers and local photoleaders’ surnames, and later through intermarriage but also, alas, in some cases from Welsh slave masters.

Like John Quincy Adams, Welsh American politician Cassius Marcellus Clay was a highly influential slave abolitionist who survived numerous murder attempts for his beliefs. Cassius Marcellus Clay, father of boxer Muhammad Ali, was named after the politician and gave the same name to his son who changed it when he converted to Islam.

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money”

This Cree Indian proverb, like many others, has been proven bang on when it comes to the current American and global crises. As King George III of England demonstrated to his own detriment when trying to tax the new Americans to the hilt, no limit greed is back on the menu. Over time the City of London and the parasitic global banking agenda managed to push itself back in to the institutions of America, especially its banking institutions as seen by the privatisation of the Federal Reserve bank in 1913 and the ongoing financial crash that started in 2008 and is rapidly eating away at the core of American foundations.

Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama

As elsewhere and since 9/11 especially, general creeping tyranny has also been taking hold of early 21st century America, together with eerie historical reminders of where it could be going.The gradual attempt at the dismantling of the original American constitution can be seen in the draconian Patriot act, the NDAA /National Defence Authorisation Act and others, which target law abiding American civilians or lawful protestors as domestic terrorists. These new acts allow the killing or detainment of citizens indefinitely and without trial based solely on suspicion or arbitrary whim.

Drones are planned on being used as law enforcement tools in a creeping big brother USA

Drones are planned on being used as law enforcement tools in a creeping big brother USA

A not so subtle attempt at diluting the second amendment of the right to bear arms, the hinting at a possible police state and marshal law, increased snooping laws, drone and other invasive technologies, a dissolving economy, mass corporatism and the death of balanced reporting in the mainstream media and press has meant that America, as Britain and elsewhere, could be facing real tyrannical and totalitarian dangers.

The issue of gun ownership is a big one but historically it’s hard to argue that the disarming of nations isn’t often followed by tyranny, mass deaths and democidal holocausts as witnessed in China, Germany, Armenia, Cambodia and, perhaps most famously, in the Ukraine and the Soviet Union where up to 60 million are thought to have died under the Bolsheviks and Stalin after the population was de armed and totalitarianism took hold.

welsh-flag-tafia-tent-chicagoBut as Alan Watt has stated: “The Celts have a natural aversion to tyranny” It’s not over romanticism or whimsy (well, just a little bit maybe) to point out that Welsh names especially can once again be seen at the forefront of the present day fight against a world dictated to by sociopathic corporate salesmen parading as politicians .

Whatever your personal political beliefs and allegiances might be, examples of these Welsh names willing to stand against this creeping tyranny in the USA and elsewhere are once again disproportionate and span the whole political spectrum: Alex Jones of infowars.com fame, the current leader of alternative media in the USA who occasionally references his Welsh ancestry is one obvious example.

Alex Jones, one of the leaders of the non mainstream US media movement

Alex Jones, one of the pioneers of alternative media in the US

Other good examples are Walter Jones – the first Congressman to propose a resolution to impeach President Obama for high Crimes and misdemeanours for waging wars without an act of Congress (incidentally ex Welsh mp Adam Price is the only politician thus far to properly attempt a similar action against the great actor Tony Blair in Britain), 911 investigating scientist and physicist Steven Jones, economist and civil rights campaigner Paul Craig Roberts, film producer, political lecturer and 9/11 investigator G Edward Griffin, the man who broke the chemtrail and other stories AC Griffith, controversial Code pink co founder Jodie Evans and ice hockey player Tim Thomas who is the first high profile American sports players to ever refuse to accept an invite to meet Obama at the White house based on his belief that the administration is corrupt.

Boston ice hockey player Tim Thomas

Boston ice hockey player Tim Thomas

Other great examples are academic and political campaigner Walter E Williams, another highly respected 9/11 investigator for truth – Professor David Ray Griffin, documentary and investigative film maker William Lewis and founder of Black Box Voting Inc – a national non-partisan, non-profit elections watchdog group, Bev Harris, who in 2003 exposed how Diebold voting machines could be manipulated and used for vote fraud and  also identified and broke the story on the criminal records of a number of individuals who owned, programmed, and printed ballots in the elections industry.

Code pink co founder Jodie Evans

Code pink co founder Jodie Evans

A perfect more recent example is Welsh American whistleblower Bradley Manning who spent his early years in Pembrokeshire and who went on to expose countless war crimes committed in the illegal occupation of Iraq and elsewhere through the Wikileaks site. Manning has been imprisoned without due process of law for over two years and could face the death sentence for his courageous whistle blowing on international war crimes.

bradley manning

Russia2-1Welsh values of justice and fair play obviously aren’t unique to America. Welsh whistleblowers have always been at it. A great example is the Welsh journalist Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones who first publicised the existence of the Great Ukrainian famine of 1932-33, where up to eight million Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death by Stalin’s communist regime. As the Soviet Union regime was an ally of the west, no other journalist or newspaper dared to cover this holocaust. Gareth Jones later died under mysterious circumstances in outer Mongolia while carrying on with his investigative work.

In November 2008, Jones and fellow Holodomor journalist Malcolm Muggeridge were posthumously awarded the Ukrainian Order of Merit at a ceremony in Westminster Central Hall where Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, Ihor Kharchenko, described him as an “unsung hero of Ukraine”.

Murray the hump (Real name LLewelyn Morris Humphreys)

Murry the hump (Real name LLewelyn Morris Humphreys)

All these examples of fighting injustices and tyranny may all be amazing coincidences. But I think not. And although Welsh heritage can also be claimed by more unsavoury characters like Hilary Clinton, the Bushes, Condoleezza Rice and Obama, who have sadly been involved in some of the worst imperialist wars seen in modern times, they are thankfully the exception rather than the rule.

In this they are no better than Welsh American criminal outlaws such as Jesse James and the head of the Chicago Mafia, public enemy number one Murry the Hump (Llewelyn Morris Humphreys), although these two, rightly or wrongly have become to be seen as part of Americana rather than an attack on it.

The American revolution, constitution and unique bill of rights – the longest standing constitution in known history, went on to influence the whole world as an inspirational constitutional republican model, including inspiring the constitution of Switzerland and the French revolution and resulting constitutional republic of France. Welsh philosopher and intellectual David Williams, as well as being a pioneer of the principles of liberty and free education, and who helped to shelter Benjamin Franklin and others from persecution, also wrote the first draft of the French constitution – another missing chapter from the official history education curriculum of Wales and beyond.

Switzerland in particular, probably because of its similar size and geography, has also influenced and inspired many Welsh patriots, republicans, economists and academics in the 20th and 21st century, as a great example of a modern, truly democratic sovereign European and international state. America and Switzerland are a few of the last nations on earth to still have a high degree of real personal liberty and protections from potential tyrannical government as demanded by their constitutions. The Welsh have shaped these constitutions and these liberties – what happens in these countries especially is of real interest to us all whether we like it or not.

mainstream-mediaAfter years of cultural conditioning by a so called liberal mainstream media culture and education system which has sold us  the narrative  that all American constitutionalists and patriots are by default religious zealots and far right wing extremists (quite similar to the way Welsh patriots are treated in the mainstream British press perhaps), a great deal of people are now waking up to the fact that what the modern constitutionalists in America are fighting against is a real and present danger.

Not only to liberty and freedom from tyranny in the USA but also against a broader tyrannical threat which could be facing all of us in the world as we know it.  As it’s generally accepted by now that the mainstream media is bought and paid for and has long given up on its duty of providing any sort of real, balanced and non biased news coverage, fervant dismissal of such anti tyranny opinions as conspiratorial claptrap only serves to give these opinions more credence and validity.

At the same time, attempts by mainstream media to keep up the pretence of the left /right political pantomine has become a form of post modern light entertainment in itself..

There is surely a lot of truth in the statement that one of Wales’ best exports is its people. In a sense the energy of the hundreds of thousands of Welshmen and women who left Wales for America and played a massive part in setting up one of the best 430884356206_0_albconstitutional republican models in the world whilst fighting and finally defeating the English monarchy and empire, has now come full circle.

Their efforts are a hugely important part of Welsh history that, along with the original Celtic Britonnic history of the Cymry/Welsh people, has criminally being omitted from the Welsh education curriculum and from British state history, leaving generations of Welsh schoolchildren utterly unaware of their fellow compatriots’ role in forming one of the world’s most successful republics in modern history.

In the same way that Wales has become poor and colonised by the British state precisely because it has such immense natural wealth, similarly it is why such drastic attempts been made to vilify and subjugate its people as well. Attempts have not been made at putting the Welsh down, and their incredible history omitted from the British state narrative because they are lovers of tyranny, small minded, uncultured, without vision, useless and weak  – it is because they are the exact opposite.

Llywelyns_westend2The headstrong values of personal liberty and freedom against tyrannical government that those early pioneering Welsh men and women showed have come alive again and are more relevant than ever.

Wales, as well as the other nations of Britain, America and elsewhere, are today facing real and serious dangers that are now more global and tyrannical in their scope than ever. And in the face of a crippled and collapsing morally bankrupt UK state, Wales more than ever also needs full sovereignty.

It’s easy to over romanticise and make sweeping statements but it seems true that an abnormal amount of whistleblowers and outspoken protectors of freedom and justice in the world have been, and are Welsh or part of the Welsh and Celtic Diaspora. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them. There have been enough canaries in the mines to warn us of these dangers by now. Once again the barbarians are at the door and civilisation has to fight back.


This post is posted to celebrate Dydd Gwyl Dewi and our patron saint Dewi Sant. It’s also posted on the first anniversary of the publishing of the Sovereign Wales website of March the 1st 2012. Cymru Sofren / Sovereign Wales will continue to highlight that, whatever your political views and allegiances, the British state is a failed, morally bankrupt and corrupted state rotting away in the face of countless illegal wars, mass economic mismanagement and the death of the free press. Wales has to continue to work to protect itself and its interests in the face of such failures of state government. The hugely exciting potential for Wales to become a rich successful outward looking country that contributes to international relations and friendship, shared interests, humanity and civilisation, from the position of a grown up sovereign state in the world is a prospect that all the citizens of Wales should embrace while we still have the chance. 

Gwnewch y pethau bychain.

Former Dwr Cymru boss calls for Wales’ water to be sold like oil

‘The former boss of Dwr Cymru is calling for Wales’ water to be treated as a business and that it should be “sold” in the same way as oil to make a profit.

John Elfed Jones

Former Dwr Cymru Welsh Water chairman and chief executive John Elfed Jones has questioned why Wales’ economy is not profiting from transferring water over the border, claiming as a natural resource it is only fair it should be “sold” like oil.’

Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/business-in-wales/business-news/2012/04/10/ex-dwr-cymru-chief-says-welsh-water-should-be-treated-the-same-as-oil-91466-30725400/#ixzz1racFZKr4


Diminishing scraps from Westminster

Edited post, originally sent to http://jacothenorth.blogspot.com/2012/03/you-wait-years-for-one-and-then.html

Cymru Sofren/ Sovereign Wales has been written and published as a template for a Sovereign State of Wales and a template that can also hopefully help to give constructive, positive ideas for a present and future Wales, through pressure and petitioning, and/or be ignored/disregarded/ sprayed with bullet holes…depending on your views of course. It constitutes a declaration, a manifesto and a constitution for a fully Sovereign State of Wales: presumptuous maybe, but written with the desire to see Wales have the real prosperous and sovereign future it deserves.

Cymru Sofren /Sovereign Wales is not a splinter group and is not linked to any political party: it has no representative mandate and no party to push, only ideas, a strong desire to set out a template for sovereignty and to see a thriving, modern Wales in charge of all its own affairs.

Right now I believe the future of Wales is too important to fuss with what has largely become a synthesis of left wing/right wing politics, going round in circles while the foundations of real democracy, accountability and responsible economics are crumbling all around

Devolution, which i have gladly supported and campaigned for, has at least saved Wales from the worst of the Westminster wrong’uns, but sovereignty can be the only real, effective and just long term way of running any country: something the UK Government agrees with of course ,as has been seen from its eagerness to defend the sovereignty of the Falkland islands recently.

In 2012, it is ridiculous and archaic that Wales, or any country for that matter, is expected to stand on its hind legs like a malnourished puppy, begging for increasingly diminishing scraps from the Westminster Government whilst we are sitting on the immense natural riches of our own country; riches that would mean economic prosperity for all of us.

How many more times do we need to see the Westminster party leaders coming to Wales to pat the Assembly members on the head and leave behind their instructions for the year ahead before we wake up to the fact that all of it is a farcical and needless charade?

It’s surely now time for the current Welsh Government and our elected representatives to put aside party politics for the time being, and start safeguarding the real crucial future economic and natural rights of Wales, before these rights are all swept away and taken from us. If they don’t, eventually it will become a clear duty on the citizens of Wales to demand these rights.


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