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Deiseb Na i Wylfa b – No to a Nuclear Wylfa b petition


A Welsh clean coal and/or renewable energy power station instead of the proposed Wylfa b nuclear plant at Ynys Mon.

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to work with the new owners of Wylfa B, Hitachi, to encourage the use of clean Welsh coal or our other plentiful supplies of viable technologies/resources instead of a dangerous nuclear power plant. It’s also proposed that the Welsh Government strongly urges the new owners to source workers from Anglesey and North Wales on a local priority basis where possible.

In a report on clean coal technology from the 2010 XXI World Energy Congress in Montreal Canada, Hitachi state that they are “developing a full portfolio of new clean coal technologies aimed at further efficiency improvement, 90% CO2 reduction, and near-zero emissions of other pollutants”. As world leaders in clean coal technology, why don’t Hitachi work alongside the Welsh Government to implement this technology at Wylfa B instead of an archaic and poisonous nuclear plant station like the failed Fukushima plants they helped to build?

Nuclear plants are a dangerous and uneconomical method of producing electricity, with a short, unviable operational time span which costs tax payers tens of billions in development, subsidies and decommissioning costs. As well as being vulnerable to attack and natural disasters as seen in Fukushima, nuclear power has known health risks. A major report published by the German government showed increased rates of childhood cancers and leukaemia around nuclear sites. With no known method of disposing of the nuclear waste, it will also contaminate the planet for thousands of years.

Welsh clean coal, gas, mass refuse incineration, anaerobic digestion, biomass, hydrogen, geo thermal, solar, wave, tidal, hydro and Maglev wind, or a combination of all of these should be implemented at Anglesey and elsewhere instead of nuclear power. Ynys Mon’s PAWB manifesto states that, whilst the current Wylfa only has up to 600 workers, up to 3650 new jobs could be found using local renewable energy alone.


Rydym yn galw ar Gynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru i annog Llywodraeth Cymru i gydweithio â Hitachi, sef perchennog newydd safle Wylfa B, er mwyn hyrwyddo’r defnydd o lo glân o Gymru neu o’n cyflenwadau helaeth o dechnolegau/adnoddau hyfyw yn lle adeiladu gorsaf niwclear beryglus.

Mewn adroddiad ar dechnoleg glo glân a ddeilliodd o Gyngres Ynni’r Byd XXI, a gynhaliwyd ym Montreal, Canada, yn 2010, dywedodd cwmni Hitachi ei fod yn datblygu portffolio llawn o dechnolegau glo glân, gyda’r nod o wella effeithlonrwydd ymhellach, lleihau allyriadau CO2 90 y cant, a lleihau allyriadau o lygryddion eraill i lefel sy’n agos at sero. Fel arweinydd byd-eang ym maes technoleg glo glân, pam nad yw Hitachi’n cydweithio â Llywodraeth Cymru i roi’r dechnoleg hon ar waith ar safle Wylfa B, yn hytrach nag adeiladu gorsaf niwclear sy’n hynaflyd ac yn wenwynig, ac sydd hefyd yn debyg i’r gorsafoedd a adeiladwyd yn rhannol gan Hitachi yn Fukushima?

Mae defnyddio gorsafoedd niwclear yn ddull peryglus ac aneconomaidd o gynhyrchu trydan. Oes fer sydd ganddynt, sy’n eu gwneud yn anymarferol, ac maent yn costio degau o filiynau o bunnoedd i drethdalwyr mewn costau datblygu, cymorthdaliadau a chostau datgomisiynu. Yn ogystal â bod yn agored i risg o ran ymosodiadau a thrychinebau naturiol, fel y gwelwyd yn Fukushima, mae ynni niwclear yn peri risgiau iechyd cydnabyddedig. Mae adroddiad pwysig gan Lywodraeth yr Almaen yn dangos bod cyfraddau uwch o ganser a lewcemia ymhlith plant yng nghyffiniau safleoedd niwclear. Gan nad oes yna ddull cydnabyddedig o gael gwared ar wastraff niwclear, bydd y gwastraff hwn yn llygru’r blaned am filoedd o flynyddoedd.

Gellid rhoi’r dulliau a ganlyn o gynhyrchu ynni, neu unrhyw gyfuniad ohonynt, ar waith ar Ynys Môn ac ar safleoedd eraill, yn hytrach na chynhyrchu ynni niwclear: glo glân o Gymru, nwy, hydrogen, ynni solar, ynni’r tonnau, ynni’r llanw, ynni’r dŵr, pŵer gwynt Maglev, ynni geothermol, llosgi sbwriel, treulio anerobig a biomas. Yn ôl maniffesto PAWB ar gyfer Ynys Môn, dim ond tua 600 o bobl sy’n gweithio yn Wylfa ar hyn o bryd, ond byddai’n bosibl creu hyd at 3,650 o swyddi newydd drwy ddatblygu prosiectau ynni adnewyddadwy lleol yn unig.


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Maniffesto pawb wylfa b

Diminishing scraps from Westminster

Edited post, originally sent to http://jacothenorth.blogspot.com/2012/03/you-wait-years-for-one-and-then.html

Cymru Sofren/ Sovereign Wales has been written and published as a template for a Sovereign State of Wales and a template that can also hopefully help to give constructive, positive ideas for a present and future Wales, through pressure and petitioning, and/or be ignored/disregarded/ sprayed with bullet holes…depending on your views of course. It constitutes a declaration, a manifesto and a constitution for a fully Sovereign State of Wales: presumptuous maybe, but written with the desire to see Wales have the real prosperous and sovereign future it deserves.

Cymru Sofren /Sovereign Wales is not a splinter group and is not linked to any political party: it has no representative mandate and no party to push, only ideas, a strong desire to set out a template for sovereignty and to see a thriving, modern Wales in charge of all its own affairs.

Right now I believe the future of Wales is too important to fuss with what has largely become a synthesis of left wing/right wing politics, going round in circles while the foundations of real democracy, accountability and responsible economics are crumbling all around

Devolution, which i have gladly supported and campaigned for, has at least saved Wales from the worst of the Westminster wrong’uns, but sovereignty can be the only real, effective and just long term way of running any country: something the UK Government agrees with of course ,as has been seen from its eagerness to defend the sovereignty of the Falkland islands recently.

In 2012, it is ridiculous and archaic that Wales, or any country for that matter, is expected to stand on its hind legs like a malnourished puppy, begging for increasingly diminishing scraps from the Westminster Government whilst we are sitting on the immense natural riches of our own country; riches that would mean economic prosperity for all of us.

How many more times do we need to see the Westminster party leaders coming to Wales to pat the Assembly members on the head and leave behind their instructions for the year ahead before we wake up to the fact that all of it is a farcical and needless charade?

It’s surely now time for the current Welsh Government and our elected representatives to put aside party politics for the time being, and start safeguarding the real crucial future economic and natural rights of Wales, before these rights are all swept away and taken from us. If they don’t, eventually it will become a clear duty on the citizens of Wales to demand these rights.


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